Monday, March 23, 2009

New Super Sampler kit, Blushes in "Bulk," & Today's Blog Special...

Today, I've added a PERMANENT addition to my online store for a "super" sampler kit: 30 baggie samples for $19.99! I don't know how popular this set will really be, but I've had a few customers asking for a special sale on samples but since we really don't plan on doing a whole lot of sales, I thought this would be a good permanent addition for those that want to buy in bulk.

Speaking of buying in bulk, I've also had quite a few of you telling me you love ALL of the Shimmer Blushes and how you'd like to collect all ten of them so I have come up with a special price for those that want to purchase all ten. I've also added a six & eight piece Blush set just in case you didn't necessarily want every single one of them. (Of course, it is cheaper per jar the more jars you get.)

**However I'll only have these sets are for a limited time only available until April 6th (Monday). Check them out here at the Limited Edition section. After that, they'll be taken off the site. Oh, and as an added note, this does include both the regular Blushes and Shimmer Blushes so you'll have a total of twenty-seven blush colors to choose from as I know not everyone likes a shimmery finish.

Finally, for my "Blog Only" special this week, until Thursday, March 26 if you buy one full-sized jar foundation, you will get one free eyecolor of your choice.
You may choose from the Premium, Regular, or Limited Edition colors. This is for those of you who were wanting a special deal on the single jars of foundation (since you did not need the "2 for" or "3 for" sets). It's not quite a sale but you do get a full-sized freebie which is *always* fun! This is ONLY for the single jars and not the sets.

As with my other "Blog Only" specials, just leave me your eyecolor choice in the "Notes" section when you check out and mention my blog. If you don't write me that note, I won't put the eyecolor in since this is something that is just for those who keep up with us at Also, if I get the order on or after March 27 (Friday), I won't be able to honor your request.

Happy shopping and stay tuned! I hope to have my first Natural Health & Beauty article sometime this week/weekend where I can blog about something useful to keeping you the healthiest and most beautiful you can be.