Sunday, March 22, 2009

My first health & beauty article!

This has been a long time coming!

When I first started out this blog, I mentioned that besides the sales and updates to my adorned with Grace Minerals store, I wanted to also have articles that helped promote health and healing as I think that is vital to being naturally beautiful so I apologize that its taken me so long to get these out. Well, here it goes...

As some of you have noticed me comment here before, I am cold-natured so I am totally excited about the Springtime and having warmer weather. I especially can't wait to start seeing the flowers bloom and get going on my vegetable garden this year. But along with that comes the pollen that can give me the "snifflies" if I'm not too careful. And with this change in weather--esp. in the state of Mississippi where you never know what temperature its going to be--I can have a tendency to get sick with a cold or sinus infection much easier.

I know I'm not alone in this. In fact, I'm sure many of you suffer from allergies and sinus issues. I mean, how miserable is it to have a head stopped up and have the sneezing/sniffling/coughing and general uncomfortableness that comes with these things? I know I *feel* less than beautiful and don't like to face the world that way. Sure you can take medicine to give you a little bit of relief, but in my experience, it just makes the whole things worse!

Well, I've found that one of the must-haves for those that suffer from allergies or sinus troubles is a Neti pot. Have you all ever heard of it? I actually never even knew they existed until a couple of years ago when I was watching Dr. Oz (from the Oprah show) demonstrate with an audience member how to use one.

So what exactly is a Neti pot? Well, here's a photo so you can get an idea :

Kinda looks like a mini, elephant-shaped teapot--but trust me you won't be drinking from this, lol! Basically, you fill this pot with a saline solution and use it to perform a nasal rinse. "Ew" you may say? Don't worry, that is what I thought too when I saw it demonstrated on TV that day; I found it so strange seeing the water go in this lady's nostril and flow out the other! They said it was excellent for those that had frequent sinus infections and/or cleansing out super-stopped up nasal passages and helping prevent infection so my curiousity was peaked and had to get my hands on one of these to try.

So I ordered this ASAP and when it arrived I had to try it immediately and I could not believe the difference it made! I did not even have a sinus infection or cold at the time but just wanted to try it just to *see.* I remember having to step outside for a minute to let the dog out right after I did it and then realizing how much better I could smell--I could smell "outside smells" like the grass and dirt AND THEN when I came back inside I remember walking into the bedroom and smelling my husband's dirty socks, LOL!

Then during those times I could tell I was starting to get a sinus infection (headache, sore throat, snifflies) I would use my Neti pot and I can honestly say I have not had the issues to the extreme as I did previously where it would just hang on for weeks or where it would get so bad it would trickle down to my throat and I'd get laryngitis--I haven't had that once since I started doing this! Also, one Christmas I did catch a bad cold bug but it did not hang on more than ten days (my other relatives were fighting it for almost six weeks--and even got a bad case of bronchitis!). Now I do have other lifestyle habits that I think contribute to my mostly good health but that is a post for another month...

Not sure if that convinces any of you all to try it--I'm thinking many of you already do this wonderful treatment and swear by it just as I do so feel free to ignore the next few paragraphs. But for those of you that are interested in trying this out, here is a video link so you can get a visual picture of how it works: The Offical Neti Pot Demo Video

If you want to read more about it and see the detailed instructions on how to use it, click on this link: Neti Pot For Sinus Health

As far as where to buy one, I got mine at for $14.99 (+ shipping) for the pot and premeasured saline packets. FYI, I have ordered many times from them before for many of my beauty products like e.l.f. or Jane that aren't available in the stores here in MS (you can also buy from their "sister" store where I think they combine your order total and they sell many faves like Urban Decay Primer Potion, Philosophy products, NARS, etc. and you can get free shipping for orders over $25 if you are a new customer, over $49 if you have ordered before.)

I have also found them at my local Walgreen's but notice they stay "Out of Stock" but if you can get your hands on one, they are truly worth it! I recommend it to my patients all the time and one couple I was seeing loved it so much they bought each of their family members one the following week!

Anyway, I hope this has been informative for at least one person out there! I do give a disclaimer and ask to proceed with care as I'm not an expert on any of these things that I write about but I can at least share with you my own experiences and knowledge on the subject in hopes someone can find it useful. Feel free to research more on your own and ask around for other opinions!

Thanks for reading!