Monday, March 9, 2009

Supreme Smoothing Powder: Does it work?

So this is a question I have gotten from some of you so I thought I'd do a post about it with a photo just so you can see the difference:

If you notice how the "After" picture looks so much smoother and "soft focus" than the Before picture! Because silica is spherical shaped, it fills in those pores and spaces very well and allows your foundation to have a much smoother finish, both to touch and appearance; especially if you find you wear a high coverage foundation that has a lot of titanium dioxide it it, it can "drag" as you buff it on but this will also help to apply it more evenly.

Besides as a primer, you can also use our Smoothing Powder just as a very light finishing powder to kind of blur those pores or fine lines--most notably helpful any time you are getting your picture taken. Of course, it won't hide deep wrinkles or very large pores (it's "supreme" not "magical" lol...) but does diminish them enough so you may be less self-conscious about them.

And the best way to apply? I personally apply it the way I do all my powders:

I first like to press it on gently with a powder puff (which is why all the powders adorned with Grace sells except for Celestial, comes with them) as if I was "spackling" it in; then I take a large fluffy powder brush (maybe like our Large All Over Face brush) and very lightly whisk away the excess. (You definitely don't want to buff it off as you can buff them out of the fine lines they have just filled!)

And for those of you wondering, our Smoothing Powders works best with oily/combination skin but can also work with dry skin if you use in smaller amounts. As with anything, some may find they have a sensitivity to it but you are always welcome to try our samples if you are unsure and maybe do a skin test just to check.

Speaking of samples, for those of you that were going to order something anyway and have been interested in our Smoothing powder and would like to test it out for yourself, here is a "Blog Only" special just for you: Until this Thursday, March 12, when you order $10 worth of products (not including shipping for International Customers and must be $10 or more, not $9.99 or less) get a sample set of all four of our Smoothing Powders so you can see which of the four tints we currently carry looks best on you: Peach, Golden, Neutral, & Untinted. If you don't want any of the Smoothing Powders, feel free to substitute any one of our powders: Divine Oil Control, Celestial Silkening, or Heavenly Rice Powder.

You've got to mention "Blog Only" Powder sample special though in the notes section or we won't remember to add them! Again, you'll get to sample each of the Supreme Smoothing powders (four samples) but you can substitute any of our other powders. No other substitutions allowed with our other products--sorry!

So don't forget, this will only be available until Thursday, March 12--if we get your request on the 13th, we won't be able to honor your request!

Hope this has been helpful!