Sunday, March 29, 2009

Limited Stock Eyeshadow sets & FREE brushes

First of all, I am extending the Limited Edition colors until Monday, April 6. I intended on having my new Spring collection out by this week but lets just say I got carried away and ended up with more colors than I intended so I'm still getting those together but should have them ready to sell by next week. But make sure to grab any LE colors this week as they will no longer be available Tuesday, April 7 OR should they become "sold out" this week which is very possible. FYI, I am running really low on the sample baggies of Ambitious so if you plan on listing that as one of your choices, have a back up in case the samples baggies are all gone.

The 6, 8, & 10 piece blush sets are still up so take advantage of those as well. You may also wait as I'll have three new blushes introduced next week--especially if you like matte blushes!

But my favorite special this week is with my 10 piece Eyeshadow set. For a limited time, while supplies last, I'm offering this dual-ended eyeshadow brush free with the purchase of this particular listing for the 10 piece set:

It is a fairly petite ("skinny") size and has one end that is an oval fluff for all around application and the other a smudger--great for "smoking out" your mineral eyeliners and softening sharp edges or for fine detail application of lid colors. I haven't listed this up on my site yet but when I do it will be at least a $4.99 or more value! This will be listed on my site in the Limited Edition page as I did the the "5 for Eyecolor Set with the LH Round Contour" so I can manage inventory because once I'm out of the brushes--they won't be available anymore!

Let me also clarify that ONLY regular eyecolors can be chosen for this set--NO Premium Colors as there is a difference between them (Premium Colors made with more expensive ingredients so I can't allow them to be substituted in this set, sorry!)

But my "Blog Only" special is you will get a SECOND Eyeshadow brush of your choice! You may choose from the following brushes we currently carry:

Ingenue Mini Liner
Ingenue Crescent
Ingenue Oval Shadow
Ingenue Angle Fluff
Ingenue Oval Camoflage
Ingenue Round Contour
Ingenue Deluxe Crease

***We are currently extremely low on our Bent Liner due to its popularity so we cannot offer this as one of the choices. Also, requests for other brushes cannot be taken.

So if I do not get a note for the "Blog Only" special along with your brush choice, you won't get the second brush! Also, please list at least two "backup" choices just in case we do happen to go out of stock of a particular brush.

My other special has to do with the Premium Dual-Ended Eyeshadow brush. I first have to state that I will still continue to carry this brush, but I will be changing the price to $4.99 as I have left it at its Introductory Price much longer than I intended. Remember how I specially priced the Face brushes? I meant to adjust this one but for some reason just kept forgetting to do it with the mini brush. I think it will still be very competitively priced especially since I offer the free shipping to U.S. & Canada and the cheap shipping to my International Customers.

So if you want one at the $3.99 price you may want to grab this brush while you can! I only have a handful left of them as I've taken the other small handful for my other Website Special, 4 Premium Eyecolor Set for $16.49 with a Free Premium Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush. With this set, you may choose to substitute a non-Premium eyecolor but do the math first to see if you are saving money, FYI...

Again, I've got to reiterate that if the listing is no longer there in the Limited Edition section, the deal is no longer available since I have a very limited stock. Once this brush returns after it has gone Out of Stock, they will be at their regular price of $4.99.

Just as a little bit of trivia, I wanted to come up with a special deal for the eyecolors as I noticed that I was getting a lot of large eyecolor sample orders a few weeks ago, specifically from Japan--so this sale was kind of inspired by you all and it's a "thank you" for giving adorned with Grace a try!

Have a great week everyone!