Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a Small "Giveaway"....

After one of the busy weeks I had, I realized I was getting dangerously low my stock of brushes. So late at night I started to take down inventory and leaf through my catalogs and notes to make up a new order to send to the various suppliers I buy from. Well, in my fatigue and haste, I accidentally wrote down the wrong product number on my short-handled Round Contour Brush--and got the long-handled Round Contour instead! And I did not realize this until too late when I opened up my package the day it came.

Since I admit that I am a little bit of a perfectionist and felt this long-handled version seemed out of place with the set I sell now, I thought that instead of selling this alongside my other Ingenue Eyeshadow brushes, I would just offer the small handful I have (about six of them to be exact) with anyone who places an order for my "5 for $19.99 Eyecolor Set" as a FREEBIE giveaway. You just have to be super quick and click on this link: "5 for $19.99 with one Freebie Long Handled Round Contour Brush" and order!

FYI, it is identical to my current Round Contour but is about two inches longer. It's one of my best selling eye brushes and one of my personal top three favorites in my Ingenue line that I literally use everyday so its a great addition to anyone's collection! Here's a pic if you all are wondering what it looks like in comparison to the shorter version:

Just remember that in the regular "5 for $19.99 set" you can't substitute any of the Premium Colors, but you can include any of our Limited Edition Colors. Speaking of, those will be available until April 1, about two more weeks and I don't plan on marking them down anymore. I always feel bad for those "early birds" who end up paying more so I'm keeping the prices the same for these LE colors. I am getting low on the Sample Baggies of these colors so you all may want to grab those while you can if you were just wanting to sample.

Oh, and about the Giveaway, when the brushes are gone, the Listing will hide itself so if you click on that link above or go to the LE section and it is not there, that means they are gone. **DON'T** use the regular listing in the Eyecolor section as that will only get you the eyecolors, but no freebie; this listing will specifically say "with Freebie Round Contour Brush."

But don't feel bad if you miss out on this one; I'm going to plan one for the "10 for $29.99" sometime in the near future with a new Ingenue Eyeshadow brush I'm thinking about adding to the collection--but that's all I'm saying for now! Just tune in next time...

**EDIT: Due to the many emails I am getting, I wanted to say that we are Out of Stock of the Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber brush although I do have some pending orders that if they fall through, I may have a few to put back up for sale later this week. Unfortunately, my next shipment will not be in for another month or more but just keep up with our blog and we'll announce it here first when it's fully stocked once again. Sorry all! I tried to stock up on these myself but they are so popular, I really cannot keep them in stock for long.