Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arm swatches on Spring '09 LE Eyecolors

I know there are a lot of you that usually like to see arm swatches before buying, so this is for you! (You may need to click on the photo to see a larger image, FYI.)

I had trouble fitting them on my arm so sorry for the not so perfect picture taking, but I hope this kind of gives you an idea of what they look like. Thoughtful is probably the sheerest and may not show up on medium/medium tan skin or darker as a *color* but does give eyes that extra sparkle. I actually like to wear Optimistic--which is a rather strange looking pastel yellow swatched, but sure perks up tired eyes!--with Thoughtful applied to the crease and up to the browbone. Then I'll pair it with Resolute worn like a super thick eyeliner on my upper eyelid with one of the brighter colors like Dignified or Dedicated foiled as an thinner eyeliner along rims of my eyes. So that it doesn't looks so "crayola" I do wear a soft black or dark brown eyeliner around just to pull the look together.

Here are some other ideas for each color:
*Sensitive: As a contour/crease with either Beloved or Virtuous as an all over wash for a monochromatic pink look.

As an all over lid color with one our our neutrals like Devoted or Captivating. It's got just enough pink to add a little more color for springtime.

*Thoughtful: You can go with just about anything, use your imagination! My favorite way is the one noted above.

Again, as noted above or it or even under the eyelid (just use a very small amount though) for those dark areas under your eye or in the corner. Or be bold and pair it with Dignified and Amusing for a striking look!

Would look great with our LE from last Summer, Exuberant if you have it, but would also match well with
Carefree and your favorite highlighter (mine would be Amiable or Phenomenal from my Premium Collection).

arefree: A very matchable color with any of our Greens or Blues. Use as a color you can blend with Tranquility, Enduring, Loyal, and/or Placid.

My favorite blue I've ever made! I don't think this color is quite as pigmented as Tranquility or Placid, but this shade describes my favorite shade of blue. I personally never wear blue on my entire lid or even an outer color portion of my lid, but I LOVE to line my eyes with a smokey charcoal eyeliner with the blue peeking out behind it, kind of like a halo effect! Colorful, yet still subtle enough no one thinks or says, "Now that's some
BLUE eyeshadow you've got on!"

They wear well together and would likely match well with any of our other pinks like Demure or Virtuous, or if you want something more neutral, Simplicity since it has a very slightly pink tone. Dignified makes a great eyeliner when foiled. It reminds me a little bit of Regal but much more subtle and sheer; I feel I could actually wear this on my lid whereas Regal I've only dared to wear as an eyeliner.

I think this color is Fearless' more tame little sister; it is more a shiny silver vs. the glittery charcoal of Fearless. This color has a great metallic sheen but not so over the top I can actually wear it in the daytime hours in small amounts. I also found I can wear this at nighttime as an lid color while I hold back to the outer lid only for Fearless. I like this color so much I might keep it around as a permanent addition to my line, we'll see...

Because they are made with our Premium formula, you might find that these do wear a little bit sheerer than our regular eyecolor formula but as noted in the previous blog post, we intended that since we still want the focus of beauty and color to be YOU, not your makeup!

Hope that offers some inspiration!