Friday, April 17, 2009

Update before the weekend...

Hey, all! (Or should I say "y'all" since I've technically a Southern gal, lol?)

Yes, this week has been silent with no Blog Special this week but I have been busy with a "little" project that has kept me occupied so I didn't get a chance to think up a good Blog special and I was rather limited on time anyway--there is usually a pretty good spike in orders when I have those!

I mainly wanted to just give you all a few updates:

*Celestial Powder: I will still be carrying this but I have decided to switch to the 30 gram jar vs. the 25 gram tall profile jar. Part of it is that it is much easier to find the 30 gram jars but also, it's kind of an awkward shape and doesn't package as neatly and organized with the other products like the 30 gram jar does. But having this change will allow me to start putting in those cute little powder puffs with them, so that will be an added plus! You'll STILL get 4 grams and it will still be the same price at $4.99.

*Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber Brush: I am still waiting on this brush as I know many of you all are! I haven't heard any delays as of yet from my supplier, so I am still hoping to have them back in stock at the end of the month. To prevent this from happening in the future, I did put in a rather huge order for them this time around so I'm hoping the long wait time won't happen again. I will be shocked if I run out of this batch very quickly, but you never know!

*I do plan to have a Blog special toward the early/middle of next week for orders over $15. So...just a little heads up in case you were wanting to put one in this weekend. I would go ahead and do the Blog special this weekend, but I actually don't have the items in my possession yet as I bought these specifically for the giveaway. Of course, if something goes wrong and the UPS man accidentally sends it to Alaska or something, there may not be a Blog special, but they haven't let me down yet, lol (knock on wood).

*Just keep in mind the ongoing specials (see posts below or go to the LE section on my website) that will be expiring sometime next week. I'm literally down to a handful on the free brushes with eyecolors so take advantage of that while you can and the blush sets will be gone next week as well. I think I set the date for April 20 for the blush sets, but I may extend it until April 23 so if you want the "Get With Purchase" item(s) I'm giving away next week, you can still get them.

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend!