Monday, April 20, 2009

Earth Day Blog Special

I knew the UPS man wouldn't let me down--so here is the special giveaway as promised!

In celebration of Earth Day which is April 22 (and I believe this whole week is Earth Week) I got this freebie giveaway for those of you that spend $15 or more; you will automatically get one of these with your order!

It is the cutest eco-friendly brush with interchangeable tips; the handles are made from bamboo and all the bristles are make of taklon, a synthetic bristle. It probably won't replace your best eyeshadow brushes but it makes a fun travel tool and can be thrown in your purse when you need to touch up colors in a pinch!
I got enough of these that I believe I should have enough for every order that comes in until Friday, April 24--you won't even need to put in the "Notes" section that you want this! This is my little gift to all my customers for this week. If I were to sell it on my website, I would sell it for at least $4.49-$4.99.

However, if you spend at least $22, you can mention in the "Notes" section you would like a FREE Vegan Luscious Lip Balm with your order! And if you spend $29, you get a FREE jar of our Illuminated Blush! I chose Illuminated because we can all make the world shine bright with the care we put into this beautiful world God created for us! No, we may not be quite perfect yet in "going green" in our daily habits but every little thing we can do helps and does make a difference! So think about it not just this Earth Week, but from here on out on what you can do to make our Earth a better place to live!

For my International customers, always remember that the Get With Purchase totals do NOT include your shipping charges, so shop accordingly if you want those freebies. :) EDIT: I also forgot to note that this Blog Special (with the lip balm & blush) will end this Thursday, April 23. So if you place an order on Friday, April 24, you'll be considered too late! :(

Happy testing to those who were
quick enough to try one!!!**

Last thing, I was cleaning out the pics in my folders on my computer and realized I never posted my arm swatches of the new blush colors that came out a couple of weeks ago---so here they are:

Caring & Enarmored are both a matte finish with no shimmer whatsover. Enamored isn't quite that peachy (remember, I stink at arm swatches, lol) but it's like a rich strawberry peach and great for more golden-toned ladies. Caring is cooler dusty pink that I found myself wearing a lot this last week as I like the brightening effect it has on my warmer complexion and looks very complementary with the brighter Spring 2009 LE eyecolors I just released.

And, Zealous? Do I need explain why I named this color what I did? It is a super bright, nicely pigmented color that you will HAVE to get a dual fiber brush to apply but it sure looks great for creating a bright rosy look! If you put on too much, you will certainly look over-zealous! :)

That's all for now! Have a great rest of your week everyone!