Monday, April 6, 2009

New Spring '09 Colors & Sets & new Blushes are here!

Before I start, many apologies as I think Ecrater, the site that handles my store, was down for maintenance last night but it is back up and running as of this morning! There are still a couple glitches as I'm having trouble adding my new blush collage photos for the Blush sets as well as the Spring '09 LE collages but those will be updated soon hopefully--so feel free to add the new items where they are appropriate. If you are unsure, email me at

Just a quick glimpse of them!
I've been checking out fashion magazines, clothing stores, some customer requests, and even nature itself for the inspiration for these. Even though I love and usually prefer neutrals, I've found these colors to be quite wearable and pretty. Maybe later this week or next, I can put together some combinations that some of you might find inspiring...

As with the last LE set, I will be keeping the prices the same (meaning no sales) on these the whole time they are available so no one feels bad if they buy the whole set only to find them on deep discount a few weeks later. But I do have my quantity-discounted sets in the LE section you can get if you want to save money.

All single jars are $5.49 each as they are made with our Premium formula which is made with more expensive and ultra-top notch, silky ingredients. You'll find they might run a little sheerer in pigment than our regular colors but for Springtime, it is expected! I imagine this line to be a lot lighter and fresher than the last LE and wearable even for daytime. These will not be bright and "day glo" like the clothes you've been seeing around in the stores but are still colorful and pigmented enough to add some fun to your look. Like I said, great for those who like more subdued looks like I do!

You can get 2 Spring LEs for $8.79, a special set price we came up with for this set and then a "Get all TEN set for $24.99" which is an exceptional deal, almost half price of their a la carte price AND cheaper than our regular "10 for 29.99" Eyecolor set.

As with our other specially priced LE sets is you cannot substitute any other colors, regular or Premium. However, you may use the "4 for $16.49 Premium Eyecolor Set" that is in our regular eyecolor section (or even the one with the free brush *IF* there are any left) if you wanted to get 4 LE colors or a couple of the LE colors along with some of our regular OR the "2 for $8.99 Premium Eyecolor" set which is only twenty cents more expensive than the LE Duo set but you'd be able to choose a non-LE color along with it.

The LE Spring 2009 Collection will be available until they are "Out of Stock" or June 22, 2009--whichever comes first.

Next up are three new blushes: Caring, a matte dusty pink formulated for those with fairer skintones and like cooler tones; another matte, Enamored, a rich peachy strawberry that would look great with medium to dark golden skintones; and Zealous, a pearly-shimmery purple-tone fushcia that is truly bright and eyecatching! They are all permanent additions to our line. I'll be leaving up the 6, 8, & 10 blush sets in the LE Section (just scroll down) for at least two more weeks (until Monday, April 20) so you can add these to your list of choices!

If the matte blushes go over well, I'll hopefully be adding more colors later this Summer or Fall!

As far as Blog special, since I still have a few sets of the "10 for $29.99 sets with free Oval Fluff/Smudger" I'm going to continue with the getting a second brush free until Thursday, April 9 or until supplies last. (See post below for list of brushes you can add as a second brush.)

Don't forget to write in the note your second brush choice or we won't include it! As additional clarification, the second brush is only for the $29.99 set, not for the Premium "4 for $16.49 set with Free Mini Dual Ended brush" which I also still have a handful of sets left of.

I hope to post some arm swatches later this week or weekend so check back here later on for those! Happy shopping--or adding to your "wishlist" lol...