Monday, June 15, 2009

No Blog Special, BUT...a Special Article!

Believe It or Not: Words & Their Effect

When I was a child, there was a show that my family and I loved to watch called, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” where it showcased scientific marvels, interesting facts in history, and, sometimes, just fun, outrageous stories to excite and amaze its viewers. Well, I recently read an article that I thought would have fit right in with this show called, “Miraculous Messages from Water: How Water Reflects Our Consciousness.” It’s about an experiment conducted by a Japanese scientist where he tested to see the effect of words/thoughts on water. Sounding crazy already, lol? Well, read on as it gets even more interesting as he’s got pictures to prove it…

To give a VERY general overview of his experiment (*Click here to see the entire article), he has done experiments on the effect of spoken AND written words on water as well as music. I’m just going to share with you some of the pictures of what I found most interesting of the resulting images of the water crystals formed from this exposure to both negative and positive stimuli.

Before I go any further, please know that I am NOT here to debate the validity or go into the full scientific and spiritual nature of this experiment so don’t worry about sending any emails to tell me I’m wrong/nuts, lol! Although I would love for the data in this experiment to be wholly true, I would have to see the experiment in person myself to really be a believer. I just think this is interesting "food for thought" and something we can all ponder and take with us the positive message that I hope it conveys.

In this first picture, the words spoke to the water were
“You make me sick, I’m going to kill you.”

Hmmm…I think that would be a picture of how I would feel on the inside if someone were to tell me that!

The next picture had “Thank You” written on a card placed onto the bottle containing the water:

A fluke you may say? Well here is one that I found most interesting; this is a picture of water crystals before it was prayed over:

Here is the picture of the same water crystals AFTER it was prayed over:

Pretty fascinating, huh? Those are only a few photos from his experiment. (Again, click on the article above to see more and to get more of the scientific explanation as it is quite a lot of info and I’m trying to keep the info here as succinct as possible.)

So how does this relate to our Defining True Beauty blog? Well, for you customers who have shopped our products before, you know that all the eyeshadows, blushes, and foundations are named a positive trait that helps to remind us of that inner beauty we possess.

But…WOW…what if it can also have a physical effect on us and truly transform us into something more harmonious and attractive like the ice crystals above? After all, our bodies are 90% water, right? It also makes you think twice about putting on a color with a less than positive or risqué name—unless that is the attitude you are going for, lol!

I know for me, the main moral of this story is just the importance of positive and beautiful thoughts and prayers, especially those of love and gratitude (which Dr. Marumo said has the most significant effect on water). Even if all this turns out to be some scientific scam or an overly biased research project, I don’t think anyone can argue the effects on our own hearts and minds when we hear or feel things that are encouraging and optimistic. For me, I love that our foundation names are virtues like Grace or Peace; if your face is literally covered in one of those virtues, it makes a good reminder to stop yourself from saying something rash before you get angry with someone. I know for me, just naming my company “adorned with Grace” reminds me every time to extend that same blessed grace to my own customers and to treat you all with as much love and fairness as possible.

Although this isn't the usual "Blog Special" I usually post here around this time (the Blog Special will be back next week, we're taking a break from them this week) I hope you all still found it "special" and enjoyed my thoughts for the day! I hope to follow it up with more interesting and informative articles I the future!