Monday, June 8, 2009

June 9-12 Blog Special

Sorry, this is up a little later than I wanted but I'm trying to finish up my Summer LE that will be available this June 22! I'd tell you more about them but I'd prefer to keep you all in suspense...

First off, I wanted this week's special to be pretty good since I will NOT be having a special for the week of June 15 (next week). As with my special from last week, you will need to click HERE to get to it!

So from June 9 (Tuesday) to 12:30 p.m. June 12 (Friday):

Orders $14 or more get: ONE FREE Regular Eyecolor
Orders $22 or more get: TWO Free Regular Eyecolors
Orders $30 or more get: THREE Free Regular Eyec0lors

Sorry, this is only for Regular Eyecolors, not any of our Premium Colors or LE's. (We are on the verge of going Out of Stock with a couple of the LE colors so that is one of the reasons we are holding off on those.)

You must use this listing and "Add to Cart" to get the Special! You can always email us later *if* you forgot (as long as the order is within our time frame from the 9th to the 12th) BUT you must do it quickly BEFORE your order ships out or we will not be able to send them out since we do have a fairly quick turnaround shipping time. Sorry, I told you all I can be OCD when it comes to shipping out orders ! I guess that is not too bad of a trait to have as an online company though, lol.

In addition, I wanted to promote my new Ingénue Synthetic Flat Top. It is my replacement for the Kabuki I was carrying as I know most of you prefer something with a handle. On that note, I know the Premium brushes, like the Jumbo Buffer & Flat Top, may be too bulky for travel and carrying around in your purse so I really wanted to carry a short-handled flat top brush for you all. The head is a little bit smaller than our Premium Flat top and not quite as dense, but is still luxuriously soft and velvety. I've been using this brush the last three weeks and still love it!

So this will be a part of the Blog Special! For everyone that buys this brush (from June 9-12 only) you get to choose ANY three baggie samples of your choice! You just type in the three choices in the box on the same page as the Ingénue Synthetic Flat Top (I added that box specifically for this Blog Special!) So once the "Notes" box is gone so will the special!

The cool thing is if you get two Flat Tops, you'll get six samples! The only problem we might encounter is if I run Out of Stock on these brushes and it will be at least two months before I can restock. However, I ordered plenty so I will be rather shocked if that happens this week. I may run out of the LE Baggie samples (actually Honorable is now Out of Stock in the sample size), so if the Spring LEs happen to be one of your choices, list a back-up color.

Have fun all!