Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sneak Peak: Summer 2009 LE

Before I close up for the weekend, I wanted to leave you all with a quick pic of swatches I did of the upcoming Summer LE! These colors will likely be on the website for sale by Tuesday afternoon (along with a Blog Special!) unless I have Internet issues or similar emergencies.

**Of course, these are much prettier in person--you see more of the "glow"
which my pathetic camera just does not seem to capture. :P


Auspicious: A rich metallic brownish red. A striking eyeliner and made to pair with Conscientious.
Chivalrous: A neutral beige highlight or base color.
Classy: A sheer neutral golden tan shimmer.
Clever: A plummy taupe similar to our color Romantic but less pink and has more of a wet-sheen.
Confident: Optimistic's shimmery sister--has lots pretty golden highlights!
Conscientious: A beautiful metallic pink.
Heroic: A shimmery copper brown.
Intriguing: MY FAVORITE! It's like looking a a dark chocolate fudge with mint sparkles. I love wearing with over black eyeliner. I'm sure it would look stunning as a crease/contour look if you want a rich color. The picture above does not do it justice, as with all the others, but this one in particular.
Invincible: Inspired by my favorite MAC Fluidline, Blitz and Glitz. It is a soft black with light golden shimmer. A good switch from your typical "very black" eyeliner shades for the summer since it will look much softer; it may take on a more intense look though if wet-lined.
Perceptive: A color for a sun goddess! A bronzey terracotta made to pair with Sympathetic.
Sagacious: An antiqued deep golden brown. Another favorite of mine.
Sensible: A baby doll pink with golden undertones.
Sympathetic: A peachy pink with golden undertones.

FYI, I crafted these colors around my own makeup habits for the summer. I tend to wear a little less makeup partly because I do tend to have more color (the sun is strong here in Mississippi!) and I like colors that are more of a complement--hence all the bronzey, sultry, and golden-tinged shades-- than anything noticeably colorful as you saw with my Spring LE. You'll find these colors can be multi-purpose and use them for eyes, cheeks, and lips (with an exception of Chivalrous with has trace amounts of Ultramarines which the FDA requires us to label a product as "Not Lip Safe").

Unlike my other collections, this is actually two sets--one set is from my regular formula (Classy, Clever, Intriguing, Perceptive, Sensible, & Sympathetic) and the other is made with my Premium formula (Auspicious, Chivalrous, Confident, Conscientious, Heroic, Inspiring, & Sagacious). Some colors turned out better with a certain formula and what can I say--I just got carried away formulating these as I did NOT mean to make this many ha ha!!! So there will be a price difference a la carte (i.e. if you buy only one) but if you get my famous duo sets or the whole collections sets, it will still be a pretty good savings.

**So don't forget, check these out June 23/24 and if you want anymore of the Spring 2009 LE colors, grab them this weekend as I will take them off the site around the time I put up the Summer LEs! Some of these colors will be gone for GOOD as we'll be unable to replicate them!

Have a good weekend everyone! And don't forget this is Father's Day weekend; make sure to shower the special man in your life with lots of love and attention!!!