Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Fall LE Eyecolors are here!

They are finally here! This was actually a good week to release these; the weather has finally turned cooler here in the normally hot and humid state of Mississippi. I think it was actually 48 degrees early this morning, lol! It was a welcome change though. ;)

You'll find them here at our Limited Edition page. As with our other collections, make sure to act fast as there are very limited quantities of these (especially of the full-size complete set) and will no longer be stocked once they are gone!

A brief rundown on all the colors:

Enchanting - A grayed plum with colorful highlights; Inspiring's purple sister.
Endearing - A stone colored beige; great for those with more neutral skintones as a highlighter.
Enigmatic - An intense blue-grey; similar to Placid but more mysterious!
Enthralling - A bright mustard gold; not for the color shy. ;)
Enthusiastic - A bright and shimmery light golden yellow; great highlight or base color.
Enticing - A rich shimmer purple; complements well with Enthralling for a bold look.
Feisty - A shimmery dark taupe; reminds me a lot of an old tester color I called Shimmery Dark Taupe.
Mesmerizing - A milk chocolate shimmer; natural and goes well with anything!
Remarkable - A soft silvery light green; made to go with Enigmatic.

So which ones are my personal favorites and what I would wear everyday? I adore Enthusiastic, Enchanting, Mesmerizing and Feisty--these are very natural colors I could wear to the office, and I suspect if any sell out first, these would be it!

Word of caution to those that try Enthralling however--I'd say this is one **bright** Fall color; it definitely has the golden tones you would recognize with this season and you don't have to worry about this one not showing up on you!

But we hope you like these colors and enjoy wearing them this season! They'll be available until they sell out or mid-December, whichever comes first.