Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Eyeshadow & Blush Names

**In case you didn't read the prior post, click here to understand the reason for the name changes.

The old eyecolors names are listed alphabetically with their new name next to them in RED:

Antique Gold -Wisdom
Berry Purple-Elegance
Black Raspberry-Extraordinary
Blue Green Sparkle-Playful
Bronzed Mahogany-Exquisite
Brown Berry-Sophisticated
Chestnut Brown-Captivating
Chocolate Roses-Romantic
Cool Grape-Adorable
Cool Tan Shimmer-Trustworthy
Coppered Taupe-Intuitive
Creamy Pearl-Pure
Dark Jewel Green-Enduring
Dark Taupe-Genuine

Deep Dark Brown-Tenacious
Deep Sea Green-Tranquility
Dutch Cocoa-Devoted
Earthtone Pink-Virtuous
French Almond-Brilliant
Golden Copper-Noble
Golden Olive-Benevolent
Golden Beige-Honesty
Indigo Shimmer-Inspiring
Lime & Gold-Exuberant
Nude Peach-Natural
Pearl Latte-Simplicity
Petal Pink-Beloved
Plum Fudge Mint-Ingenius
Rose Bronze-Compassion
Soft Cocoa-Charming
Sugared Mulberry-Stunning
Super Sparkle Gray-Fearless
Teal Gray-Placid
True Blue-Loyal

The old blush names are listed alphabetically with their new name next to them in RED:

Apricot Champagne-Illuminated
Apricot Flush-Animated
Beige Pink-Gentleness
Berries and Cream-Affectionate
Bronzed Pink-Sultry
Cool Pink-Beautiful
Dark Melon Pink-Passionate
Deep Pink-Sassy
Mauve Shimmer-Curious
Neutral Raspberry-Felicity
Peach Sienna-Vibrant
Peachy Pink-Radiant
Pink Peach & Gold-Breathtaking
Pink Terracotta-Serene