Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Change of Names...

When I was testing out my products on some of you I got some excellent feedback and really believe many of you helped me to narrow down the colors that are ending up to be some top favorites. :) I know one of the areas of feedback you all gave me was in regards to the name of the product. There are a few of you that may remember that I said not to worry too much about the name because I will likely change them anyway? Well, ALL of them are changing!

In running with my theme of “defining true beauty” I really wanted to name ALL of my colors (foundation, blush, eyecolors) with a positive virtue, characteristic, or quality that defines how we are all so uniquely beautiful. The foundation colors are named after those basic virtues that “lay the foundation” of a beautiful sprit… such as faith, hope, love, peace, etc. Most of the blushes tend to name a mood or state of mind like sassy, passionate, or serene. The eyecolors are a little more general but still nouns/adjectives that describe beautiful traits in a person.

Cheesy you may say, lol? Maybe but I guess that in remaining true to myself, I could not simply put out “just any old product” without hoping that it could affect somebody in a positive way. I’d like to think that when you put on your foundation from the “Peace” family (Olive Neutral) you’ll remember to stay calm on a day you know will be crazy---then add a touch of “Gentleness” blush (Beige Pink) just in case you know you’ll be tempted to lose it on someone before your work day is over with. Or, to remember to literally have eyes of “Compassion” (Rose Bronze) or “Patience” (Pearl Latte) as you go about your week.

But this is also to transition going from T123 Minerals to adorned with Grace. T123 was merely a test product for those few of you that got to try it out, and adorned with Grace is the finished, nearly perfect product I am ready to put my name on. I could have given them these special names to start off with, but I wanted to think long and hard on EACH name and have even changed many of them over and over again to get one that was perfect for each product. I literally have made at least 400-500 eyecolors/blushes alone (I'm not releasing all of those, just the best ones FYI lol), and it was simply easier to think up a “descriptive name” verses a well-thought out “awG name.”

Also, since the colors were made in much larger batches, some colors did slightly change, like some of the foundation & blushes and a handful of the eyecolors, so there is a distinction between what was given out as a tester vs. the real product. All the colors were swatched and were sent to a few of you for approval to note the color changes, but I would recommend that if you were not a Foundation tester or a member of my Consumer Panel, to order a sample size before getting a full size of one you might have ordered at T123 just to make sure. As mentioned, what minor changes I noticed were very slight; otherwise, I would have just started a new batch (as I did with several colors) and adjusted the colors. FYI, some of them may also look different in the jar, but upon application, they are not different at all.

Stay tuned for the next few posts for the name changes of the Foundation, Blush, & Eyecolors!