Thursday, September 8, 2011

See you in 2012!

So we are now officially closed in preparation for the move! This means that we will have very limited Internet access the next month or two due to the amount of work we have to do packing and traveling so if we are slow to answer, it is not that we are ignoring you, but that we just are unable to.

If there are any problems with orders, please understand that we will have everything packed up and cannot ship any items until the move is complete. We would like to remind those that place International orders, we cannot do anything about it anyway unless you purchased Shipping Insurance. For those that did purchase it and have an issue, again it will be at least 1-2 months before we can do anything anyway as we ask you to wait about 60 days from the time your order ships out before we can do anything.

As of right now, we are still processing orders but we expect them all to be shipped out by early next week. We are actually pleasantly overwhelmed with the amount of orders that came in and has actually put a halt on some of our packing so we are rather behind on getting these out in our normal 24-48 hour timeline. Because the Customs number on International orders does not help you track it outside of the US, you will simply get a Shipping Notice; U.S. orders will be sent the Tracking number along with the Shipping Notice.

Other than that, I believe that is all for now. We will try to blog to give updates on where we are at just in case we run into "snags" and detours in trying to restart the business in our new city. Thank you everyone for being so supportive and your wishes of good luck during our move! We are excited and think this will be a wonderful thing for adorned with Grace as well! :)