Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upcoming Vacation & Explanations

So sorry for the very quiet absence everyone but this has been one full and very busy summer! And we believe our schedule is about to get busier...

From August 16-28, we will be going out of town and temporarily closing the store; the first part is an Out-of-Town trip for my Birthday (Yipee!) and then the last part is for a VERY special Wedding...my mother-in-law's! Rather than fall behind as we usually do when we keep our store open, we are going to close it down.

You may have noticed that the Samples & Foundation/Powder sets have been removed from our site? Right now, there are several factors (which we chose not to disclose at this time) that are preventing us from manufacturing more products so we are trying to keep a closer check of our Inventory. Because of that, we have to sell what items we do have and because it is difficult to track inventory for the sets/samples (our website is not equipped to track inventory when purchased in sets, unfortunately).

However, you can still purchase at discounted prices as we added an automatic percentage off with multifple purchases of Foundation/Powder. Just play with the cart and you'll see there will still be at least 15% off when buying more than two foundations/powders, and a little bit more when buying three or more (either 20-25%). The pricing will be somewhat similar to what the previous sets offered.

But in case you all were wondering, the issues are NOT due to any legal issues or government regulations. We wish we could disclose more but for now this is all we can say. We have gotten emails from many of you asking about the Samples, but if you just stay tuned to our Blog, we'll let you know as soon as we can about the status.

Also, we did change our Shipping Insurance rates. Sadly, it seems International mail has not been quite as careful lately, and especially with our very low prices and current shipping rate, we are losing money. :( Rather than quit shipping to International countries altogether, we decided to increase the rate. See new choices here: Shipping Insurance

Please also remember, that we ask you to wait exactly eight weeks or more from when we shipped your order before contacting us.  As stated in our terms in the Product Description, we will not address emails if they are sent sooner. Obviously, if you do not purchase Shipping Insurance, we cannot resend/refund your order; you can email us, but there will be nothing we can do. :(

Lastly, the single eyecolors and blushes that are in the Clearance section? What does not sell by August 15 (before the temporary closing) will be placed in "Grab Bag" sets when we return--so if there is a color that you wanted specifically, make sure to get it before then, or you can risk it and hope it ends up in one of our Grab Bag sets. We would PLEASE like to ask you NOT to email us and ask us to try to include certain colors or set aside specific ones; we will not reply to any emails regarding these Clearance colors. 

Understand that the Grab Bags are priced very inexpensively and that is part of the reason why--also, that is excitement of Grab Bag sets...you are surprised at what you get!

So, that is it for now! Thanks for your patience everyone!