Monday, August 29, 2011

Not the end...

So if you have stopped by the home page of our website at, you may have read the note at top that says we will be...MOVING! In fact, it may be happening rather quickly here and for that reason, we will have to close awG temporarily on September 8 to give us time to move and get settled in.

As of this time, we have no idea exactly when this will be. I want to caution everyone that it may not be until January 2012 before we get things rolling again, depending on how well the move will go and the kind of place we will be living in. Since we will be trying to whittle down our inventory so that there will be less to move, it may take a while to make up more products to have ready for sale, especially foundations/powders/popular blush & eye colors that we may run out of before we shut it down.

We also would like time to be able to revise our website and how the products are listed as well as make needed changes such as pricing (products and shipping). In addition, we will also be looking at simplifying our line even more which means discontinuing unpopular products (some foundation colors literally sit on the shelves!) and other possible additions/subtractions in our process.

This change may seem to come rather too quickly--I know, it most definitely is for me and I do apologize if it causes any inconvenience to anyone. We were not sure of our move until about one and a half weeks ago, and all we could do was prepare for a possible change, which was VERY difficult to do!

The store has now been reopened until September 8 (September 7 will be the last day of shopping). I would recommend that if you are low on your favorite foundation/powder/blush/eyecolor, you may need to order before then to guarantee you will receive the product assuming we have that item in stock. Since we will be having to pack up our things these next two weeks, it will be impossible to mix up more colors.

Then whatever items we do not sell by September 4, we will be issuing a coupon code here at to ensure a quick sale as we want to move as little items as possible. We are still attempting to add more Clearance items before the week is over so make sure you stay tuned to that as well!

One last thing, because it will be very hectic here the next few weeks, do allow for an increased shipping time *possibly* should we fall behind. You all know we try to get these orders out ASAP, but give us grace should it take 3-6 days longer than usual.

Thank you all again for your support of awG and pray for us that this move goes smoothly so we can get awG back up and running once again!