Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Clearance & Reminder Date of our Temporary Closing

Just wanted to let you all know that the remainder of the Clearance items are finally up! Check them out here on our Clearance page. These are all our past Limited Editions/Clearance and new "Oops" items so hope you all can find something you like. Many of them are being offered basically at cost (including shipping) and some even at a loss to us, but we'd rather pass these on to people who can use them than throw them away!

Judging from the speed of current orders vs. my speed of getting restocked on foundation/powder, it looks like I will need to TEMPORARILY close my store down to give me time to catch up. In addition, we will be going out of town for a few of those days which will likely put us further behind.

You see, when I am low or "out of stock" (meaning not a gram of product left, although I usually have the raw materials to make it), it takes much longer for me to fill out orders since I have to stop and make the batches, jar/bag them, & make labels (if I am low on that particular label which has been happening more often). It can take me up to 3-5 hours extra if I am Out of Stock even on 2-3 colors!

The last few months I have kept my store open since I could handle the extra workload but I am starting to feel it in my elbow again---and I'd rather not re-injure it since rest & recovery was a huge part of getting it better. It's not so bad that I am back in constant pain, but I know the warning signals and would prefer to do preventative that curative measures!

Here are the dates for our Temporary Closing: 
Monday, May 23 to Friday, June 3.

So if you do need to order any items, please do that BEFORE May 22 to ensure that you will get it. We will still answer emails as they come with questions or issues, but our Website will likely have a "Temporarily Down for Maintenance" message or we'll disable the shopping cart.

For you wonderful Bloggers/Video Bloggers, PLEASE make sure your subscribers know of these dates before referring them to our site. We really hate to close the site down as we know we may lose revenue but to get back to our previous efficiency, we will need to do this. As many of you know, we are a hobby business, so we won't run it quite like the larger companies who can afford to pay others to help catch them up, lol...

Thank you all ahead of time for understanding! Have a great rest of the week!