Thursday, May 5, 2011

The beginning of some changes....

As you all know, we love to stay simple at adorned with Grace! So in an effort to keep things basic so that it is easier for me to run the company, we are making quite a few changes in the very near future with three things happening as of today:

1. Because we have been getting too many lost orders, we are implementing Shipping Insurance that you can purchase. Before, we would reship orders one time but it is getting too costly for us now to do that. If you chose NOT to purchase this whether you are a US or International Customer, we can no longer reship for free your lost order. Please read the Terms on this page to understand how it works. If it needs further clarification, let us know via email @

2.  After many months of debating with myself, I have decided to discontinue selling the Ingenue Dual Fibers, including the Large, Sleek, & Petite. We love our Premium Small Dual Fiber for its high quality (100% vegan, minimal/zero shedding & bleeding) and would prefer to sell Dual Fibers of that same high quality.

We hope to have a Premium Large Dual Fiber maybe by 2012 if the demand for them is still there. For now, they are still priced the same but in the Clearance section. However, there are discounts added in for multiple orders of each item.

3. Discontinuing other items: 30 for $19.99 Sample Set, Flocked Sponges,  & Reclosable Sifters. We will also likely be discontinuing the Spray Bottles, Pencil Sharpener, & Mascara Guard but haven't adjusted this on our site.

It has not been implemented yet, but we will most likely be increasing prices in the next few months. As most of my American Customers have noticed, USPS has kept increasing our Shipping prices (as well as my supplier's rates for the raw materials/jars/shipping supplies that you all may not be as aware of!) while awG's Shipping AND Merchandise price has not changed in the last two years. It won't be significant (maybe nor more than $1 or less each item), but we'll figure out a fair percentage.

Again, all these things are to keep things simple; keeping so much Inventory has gotten to be very overwhelming, especially with Storage & keeping up with stock, and the less stress there is, the most likely we'll be around for a long time! Hope you all understand and know that we did thing very long and hard on these changes! Thanks all!