Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yes, folks, it's been a while since my last post. Not only has the Holidays tied me up this past month but several non-awG projects, family illness,  and some minor health issues (BAD flare up of my carpal tunnel and now what I think is "mouse elbow" if it is not tennis elbow) have kept me from being as active for awG and have been getting on the Internet only when I absolutely have to, like processing orders and answering emails.

Unfortunately, I will still have to take it easy as my elbow is even hurting as I type this right now, even with a bit of modification and frequent stretch breaks. Remember, I am an Occupational Therapist and I deal with people like me much of the time and what I always tell them is "rest, rest, rest!" How bad would I be if I did not follow my own advice, LOL!

Because it is hard to even mix new stock, I have fallen a little bit behind on keeping my inventory levels where I want them although I do have all the products in stock right now. So any orders placed should still be okay with no major delays. The only issue I have had is I realized that one of my colors "Esoteric" requires a mica/oxide that is no longer available at my supplier. So sad as it was one of my favorite colors! I now realize why some companies have had to unwillingly discontinue colors.

I am hoping my arm will get better soon and I can get back to trying to see if I can replicate this color without the mica, but until then, I have taken it off the website. Also, as I monitor the progress of my arm, I may or may not simplify my product inventory, meaning I will likely discontinue selling less popular items (mainly from the Accessories/Ingenue brushes page & Blush/Eyecolors) so that I have less colors to mix/restock sincewe have over 100 colors/formulas. To be honest, I also need the extra storage space and would prefer to stock with items that are more popular.

But should anyone be wondering if I have plans to close awG, the answer is "no" unless I should move to a state that may have severe restrictions or high fees/taxes on selling makeup or fall into some really serious health issues. But for about 90% of my regulars, it will be "as usual" as most of my sales come from the foundation/powders/Premium Brushes, all of which I know are staples and will continue to be sold.

So for those of you who emailed me recently about any upcoming sales? Likely, there won't be any sales where you get a percentage off your whole order. I may run another Blog Special on some of the brushes, and I am pretty sure that if I do decide to discontinue some products, I will have a slew of Clearance products up--but that will likely not be until the end of the month at the earliest when I'll be sure as it is all dependent on my arm.

So any apologies to you all out there who have been waiting patiently (especially those waiting for an email answer)--I'm feeling pretty impatient to with my arm, lol! Just hoping that it will get to feeling better soon and I can get back to business as usual!

Thanks everyone--Happy 2011 to all!