Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back from Thanksgiving with a Sale!

We are finally back after a great Thanksgiving weekend! I appreciate those of you who still ordered and thank you sincerely for your patience as the shipping turnaround time was a little longer than usual since we were not in town to take care of orders and our Internet time was extremely limited in regards to answering emails.

But now we are back with a Sale to help you get started on your Christmas shopping! We have taken 10% all makeup sets (NOT the a la carte eyeshadow, blush, foundation, & powder), all Face Premium Brushes and other select brush sets, and a few Limited Edition sets that were popular Customer Request Choices (see on Limited Edition page).

Please also make sure to check out our Clearance page as we have added some new items, mostly from our past Summer 2009 LE Eyecolors. Make sure to read the listings CAREFULLY as not all are full sized items!

Per request of some of my customers last year, we are offering a Limited Edition set of our Christmas Eyesparklers which is eye-safe cosmetic glitter in the typical holiday colors of gold, silver, white, red, and green! You'll love these used by themselves (with a good cream base for optimal adhesion) or mixed in with your other cosmetics to add a festive sparkle.

However, these are ONLY available in full-sized sets (one of each color) and once we sell out, they will no longer be available! We also do NOT have sample sizes, nor will they be available in full-sized singles.

FYI, there will be no Blog Specials for the month of December. Also, we will be running this sale until December 19. As with this past holiday, we will leave the online store "open" but orders received from December 20-28 will likely not ship until December 29-30 at the earliest. Depending on what stock we have available, we may continue the sale (meaning we'll mark the items down again) December 29 as an After Christmas sale!

Because of the nature of this sale, please do expect that there might be a 1-3 day delay in our usual shipping time so don't panic if we don't mail your order out the same day or within 24 hours of placing an order. We are known for our quick turnaround time but this is one of those times of the year it is more difficult to maintain that so continue to have some patience with us!

Thank you all!