Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog Special: 9/09 to 9/11

***EDIT*** Blog Special is now over!

We just have a very simple Blog Special this week. If you happen to be eyeing our 4 for $16.49 Premium Eyecolor Set this is your lucky week! For every "4 for" set, you will get our very popular Mini Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush.

To get this blog special, simply click on the "4 for $16.49 Premium Eyecolor Set" and add to your cart. Then in the box where you are supposed to put your 4th color choice, type in "BLOG SPECIAL" so that we know you read it here. If you DON'T type that in the noted box, we won't send the brush, so don't forget!!!

As with our other Blog Specials, be aware that this is limited to our current stock but if we run out, we'll make sure to notify you as well as post on the listing. AND this Blog Special will only last until Friday, Sept. 11. Any requests we get after that, we won't be able honor. :(

Also wanted to note that we aren't sure if we'll have a Blog Special next week. We are waiting on a set of brushes that will come in early next week and if they come on time, we'll have one--if not, we'll save it for week after. But we'll have something posted by next Wednesday if we do!

Thanks all!