Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blog Special: 9/02 to 9/04

It's all about the Premium line!

This weeks Blog Special is one free Premium Eyecolor for each Premium FACE Brush (or the Premium Trio Eyeshadow Brush Set) you buy. CLICK HERE for the listing and more details.

As with our other Blog Specials, this will end Friday, September 4. So it will be off the site by September 5! If you have any questions about the terms of our Blog Special, feel free to email us at adorned_with_grace@yahoo.com. (But please, no Phishing emails, LOL, we report those! I only say that because it seems after we post our email up publicly, I am showered with those Nigerian scam emails for at least a week afterward asking for our Bank Account number...)

Also, a reminder that Monday, September 7 is Labor Day so any orders that we get Friday night through Monday will NOT ship out until Tuesday, Sept 8 as the US Post Offices are closed that day.