Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Special: 8/3-8/7

This weeks Blog Special combines Janice's Choice Brush Set & the Microfiber Waschcloth (set of three) set for $27.77. (But this has a value of $42.28 even at the sale prices!) But to sweeten the deal, you are also allowed to get ten free baggies samples of your choice!

Before you click and purchase this Blog Special, please keep in mind a few things:

1. This is good until August 7, 2009 (Friday)
BUT there are only a limited number of these available for sale, so if you click on the listing below and it is not there anymore, then they are gone for good! So if this ends up being a popular set, it might even be gone by the end of the day. (I doubt it, but you never know, lol!)

2. You can pick any ten samples, but
only one sample of each color. This Blog Special is intended for those that may have not tried any awG products yet or have tried them but want to sample more. If you have two or more samples of the same color, expect your order to be delayed as we will need the extra time to email you to ask for additional choices.

3. Normally, we just have a one cent listing where you can add the Blog Special to your cart after you have placed the other items from the other pages.
This listing is different from previous Blog Specials and you MUST use the link to the listing below to get the special deal and the free ten samples.

Please do not go to their listings in the Accessories and LE page and expect to be refunded the difference and email us with your list of colors. If you purchase them that way, you will be charged their regular, more expensive price AND you won't get the freebie samples.

I think that is it! If there is any confusion like last time, I will make sure to include an Addendum to clarify.