Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Swatch Photos of new February colors

Per customer request, just some swatches of recently released colors!

First up is the new Shimmer Blushes/Glows, Bemused & Dainty:

I applied these rather "thickly" just so you can see the color; they are, of course, much more flattering when applied with a stipple brush as a glow. Bemused is very brightening to sallow skin although I personally think it would look best on fair neutral tones and for those of you ladies who may be pinker. Dainty is a great all over glow/highlighter and you can see how it complements my Grace 4.0 skintone.

Next up are the Limited Edition Metallics:

This is probably one of the first swatch photos I've taken that I think actually shows what they really look like! Those flecks of deep gold are what make these colors most unique and interesting!

And finally, the Limited Edition Winter 2009 set :

(Click on photo for a larger view)

I'm sad to report that these did wash out the depth of the colors a little as the beauty of all of them (these colors have quite a bit of "twinkle & shine") look much better in real life--especially with Valiant & Steadfast. But you can at least see the depth of color and how they look in relation to each other. There is also more of a color difference between Valiant & Steadfast especially with their finish. (Valiant is my bluer version of Fearless--it's like a cool liquid metal finish.)

Hope those swatches helped! Remember, these (the LE Eyeshadows only, as Dainty & Bemused are here to stay!) will be available until April 1 *OR* until I sell out of them, whichever comes first!