Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb. 14: Last day for Limted Edition colors & Premium Face Brush Set

Happy Monday, Everyone!

I have been busy formulating some new Limited Edition colors (Winter 2009 Collection, LE Metallic colors) which will be available Feb. 15. make room for these new LE's, the colors you've seen on Clearance in our "Limited Edition" section will be gone. In fact, I believe EVERYTHING on that page, including the Valentine's Day Custom Kit will no longer be available; Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day) will be the last day they are up! Take advantage of this deal as colors like Gallant, Philanthropic, & Jovial will be gone for good once they are sold out. Also note that these items may be gone sooner should they sell out as there are a couple of colors whose full-sizes are almost gone.

FYI, if I have sample baggies leftover after I have discontinued them, you *might* see them again in a $1.99 Clearance Baggie Sampler like I did earlier last month but it will be in a pre-sealed "mystery grab bag" with a mix of various colors from my stash were great colors but I chose not to release for various reasons.

Also disappearing from the site on the same day will be the Premium Face Brush set (including the Jumbo Buffer, Flat Top, Small Pointed Face Brush, & Chubby Blender) for $49.99. Don't miss this chance either as this is one of those sets you won't see priced like this very often and they might be gone even sooner should I sell out of the handful I have left. I personally think it is a great deal because it is like getting each brush for about $12.50 EACH! (Or, $13.25 if you are International since that includes your shipping charge.) These are leftovers from our Christmas special and I'm ready to clear them out to make room for a couple new powder brushes coming in a few weeks.