Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sneak Peak of the new Shimmer Blushes/Glows

Just to give you all an idea of what you'll be getting when you spend over $17 (until this Friday afternoon that is), here is an arm swatch picture of all the colors of the new blushes that will be available at the end of this month.

FYI, you may need to click on the picture to get a larger view:

I started out formulating these with the idea of glows or all over face colors most similar to Bare Minerals' line. I remember when I used to wear BE and how much I liked Clear Radiance although I wished it was just a little more suited for my golden olive skintone. I recently got to try BE's "True" & "Glee" and was wowed by those as well. I love the light infusion of color that blushes of this type deliver when I want a fuss-free application and a natural look.

For those of you that have tried my blushes, I have formulated most of those pretty well pigmented simply because I like a blush that lasts and not having to use a lot of product at once. I also don't add a whole lot of shimmer to them (with an exception of Breathtaking and Illuminated) because I prefer a more natural "skin-like" sheen. These, however, are not quite as pigmented (although it would be a stretch to call them "Glows" as most of them are still pretty rich in color) but have a beautiful sparkly, some pearly finish that is meant to add highlights to your skin and/or give a youthful glow. Now I don't think you can see the "sparklies" in the picture above very well, but they are there! As I've mentioned before, I am horrible with arm swatches and photos I take always seem to look washed out and everything looks better in person.

Just a run down on the colors:

Ardent: A warm terracotta.

Audacious: A fun purple based pink.

Dazzling: A more beige and lighter version of Illuminated and with less "flyaway" sparkles.

Fascinating: A stunning medium golden brown. My favorite out of the bunch (I wear Grace 4.0) and I love it both as an all over wash for my eyes and a complexion enhancer to give me more of a dewy glow.

Glamorous: A golden apricot with golden shimmer. I think this is my favorite of all the peachy blushes I have ever formulated.

Lovely: A well pigmented rosy pink.

Tenderness: A fleshy pink with just a hint of glow.

Sensational: A very rich coppery bronze shimmer. (Ladies with medium to darker complexions, this is for you!)

I actually might be adding a couple more shades to the list if I get a chance. If not when I release these, soon after. But do be looking for these by the end of this month! I'll make sure to post here when they are up!

Oh, and FYI for some of you that tested some of these for me, there are only four colors out of the 10-14 that made it into this line up "as is." There were a few that were reformulated to improved the finish/tone but feel free to email me if you were looking for a certain one. There are some I just could not reformulate as I realized I used a non-lip safe ingredient (ultramarines) and I just could not come up with an identical color. But it is very important for me that they are lip safe so they can also be used as a lip color if needed.