Monday, January 12, 2009

New eyeshadow brushes!

The new Ingenue brushes are finally here!

We will no longer be carrying the 5-Piece Ingenue Eyeshadow Brush set because we have added to our collection some brushes I have come to love to make it an 8-Piece Set: Crescent Fluff, Round Contour, & Angle Fluff. These are all for those areas around your crease area where you need a more contoured shaping to get the perfect application. You can also just get these brushes individually, just go to the Ingenue Brushes page. We also have the other brushes back in stock as well.

Not only that, but we have decided to add back (but not quite as great a discount as the Christmas sale) the Premium 4-Piece Brush set due to popular demand and to give those of you who wanted to get all of them a price break.

Just FYI, we have a limited stock of all these on hand (both Ingenue & Premium) BUT as soon as they start running low, we'll be restocking them again ASAP--it might take about a week or so to get them back in, but they will be here to stay! (Unless of course my supplier discontinues them or is Out of Stock indefinitely--something that would be out of my control.) And if you end up buying any of these brushes and decide to Blog about them or post them at a popular forum, give me a heads up and I'll try to stock up on them ahead of time! Just let me know at

So there you have it! Hope you all have had a great 2009 so far!