Monday, January 19, 2009

Eyeshadow Sample Sale: Three Days Only!

For three days ONLY (Tuesday, January 20 to Friday afternoon, January 23, about 12:30p.m. CST) we are having a special deal on eyecolor samples! Get 12 different colors for only $7! The only catch besides the limited time it will be available for is you cannot choose the same color more than once and no substitutions of our other products--it must be an eyecolor! But take advantage of this offer because this is one of those deals I don't plan to run often. Being a new company, this is one of my ways to get people to try my products and get the word out.

We will also be running a special “Get With Purchase Deal” for orders over $17 these same three days where you get a sample baggie set of all eight of our new Shimmer Blushes/Glows! You’ll get a “sneak peek” as they will not release until later this month. I'll try to have some swatches up maybe tomorrow if the lighting cooperates! But remember, this deal will also end with the Eyecolor sample sale. Once you see the listing for the 12 for $7 Eyecolor Set gone, this GWP for the Shimmer Blushes/Glows will not be available anymore.

As usual, your order MINUS shipping is what counts toward the GWP. So if you buy something for $15.99, your $2 shipping will not count toward your total. You must get $1.01 more to qualify.

And for our International Customers, we decided to start our special Valentine’s Day only kit today as well so that if you want to give this set away to a loved one, you can get it in time! This set will no longer be available February 14. It includes a customized kit where you get to choose your powder, blush, and eyecolors. The perfect gift for your best friend or family member! LOL, or yourself...

Finally, there is also a special set for those that want to purchase full sizes of the remaining LE’s. This will only be available until supplies last or early/mid February, whichever comes first…

You’ll find these special deals in the ”Limited Edition” Category! Remember, there are only three days to the Eyecolor Sample sale & Get With Purchase offer and it will promptly end this Friday, January 23 at around 12:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. Make sure to keep in mind that since this is a sale, orders might take longer to process and ship out especially if you place your order that Friday morning. (It might be Monday before those orders ship out.)