Monday, December 15, 2008

Swatches of Christmas Edition colors & other info

Per request, I've had a few of you ask me for some arm swatches of the Christmas Edition colors--but before I do that, let me show you the picture from page 204 of the November 2008 InStyle Magazine that inspired me to include some purples that were actually formulated this past spring & summer!

As you can see, this is a very simple yet eye-brightening look! You can use either Gifted or Innovative (I personally prefer Innovative due to the awesome golden shimmer in it that seems more eye-catching) on the lid and then Regal (wet-lined) around the outer corners of your eyes as eyeliner. When I first formulated Regal, I laughed at the brightness of it and did not think it would fit in my "Bobbi Brown-like" makeup line, but worn as an eyeliner, I got more compliments from it than any other colors from my line that are huge favorites! Yes, it is totally scary in the baggie/jar, but beautiful on especially for those with brown or green eyes.

Now for the swatches (the left side is dry and the right side is foiled):

I've hesitated posting these because I just can't seem to capture the true beauty of these colors. They have more complexity and vivid pigment than these photos demonstrate. Both Forbearing and Philanthropic were inspired by the Christmas tinsel you see around this time of the year but made into wearable shades that can be used primarily as accents or all over lid colors if you're bolder! I actually like wearing Forbearing with black eyeliner kind of "peeking" behind the black like a halo. Philanthropic is similar to Altruistic but is much more shimmery and has more yellow-gold tones.

In fact, all the colors are so much more glamorous in person as these photos and the ones from my store seem to wash out and lose the beautiful highlights--especially Innovative! It looks almost identical to Gifted, but when applied you'll notice a gorgeous golden overtone that works well as a brighter, all over wash whereas Gifted has more of a plum-pink tone suited for a medium-shade lid or contour color.

Just remember, these colors are Limited Edition although I am very tempted to keep Innovative & Regal permanently (we'll see, lol) so grab these while you can!

As a side-note, please note that the Brush Sale will end December 17; so this Wednesday will be the last day you can pick up the great deals on the brushes. Regretfully, I have sold out of the Ingenue Dual Fiber Blush brushes and almost all of the Ingenue eyebrushes/Lash accessories and the new stock will not arrive until early January.

But would you all like to hear some good news? Depending on how many more I sell until this Wednesday and *IF* I have any left, I will resume the *LIMITED STOCK* brush sets January 1 (Thursday) for those of you that are looking for some after Christmas deals!

I would simply continue with the sale until the stock runs out, but I am actually going to be out of town to the great state of Tennessee (where I grew up) to spend precious time with my family during the week of Christmas so this is kind of my way of "slowing things down" until I return. I will also mark down just a couple of select items (not telling what, it will spoil the surprise, lol).

I'll post this on my Homepage, but please REMEMBER that orders that are received December 22 (Monday) will NOT be processed until December 28-29 (Sunday/Monday). Depending on my free time and Internet access during that time, I will try to get emails answered and refunds for shipping to my International customers--but if I don't get to it, please know that it is very important to me and will get to it as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks all!