Monday, December 8, 2008

Limited Stock Brush Sets & Christmas Edition Eyecolors sets

The new sale is finally up!

First of all, be aware that most of the items on sale are a LIMITED STOCK ONLY! So once I run out of the brushes and Christmas Edition eyecolors (including samples), they will be gone! So MAKE sure that if you get an LE sample "a la carte" or in one of the kits, you have some backup colors in case they become out of stock as your order is being processed.

Also, I can't allow for any substitutions (with an exception of one brush in one kit) for that reason since we are limited on how many brushes we have of each so we apologize ahead of time for not allowing for that.

In addition, most of these brushes will not be restocked until January and the Premium eyeshadow brushes will be available individually then as well. We are just offering them in a special set for the Christmas season this time around. So come check out some of the special brush deals we've got on our Brush page and our Christmas colors under the Limited Edition page!

So this sale will last until December 17 (next Wednesday) OR until the current stock runs out. So if there is a big buying frenzy for them, who knows--it may be over by the time you get to reading this, lol...

*As a further note, I will likely not be discounting the brushes very often like this as I prefer to keep them less expensive year-round so my customers can feel like they are getting a good deal anytime they buy--especially taking into account that we currently ship free to the U.S/Canada & charge minimal shipping for International orders--so do take advantage of these prices! But once the listing disappears from the site, it will be gone forever!