Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Brush Sale is back... if you did not grab one of these special sets before Christmas, get one now before these sets go out of stock! We don't have a whole lot of them left and will likely not be offering these prices again for a while.

I've also put all the LE colors on Clearance as I am trying to clear them out to make room for new LE colors that may be up late January/early February. Even if they don't sell out, they will be removed from the website about the time we put up the new colors. Due to their popularity, Regal & Innovative have actually been added to the regular line, but you can still get them at a less expensive price should you decide to get them in the Christmas Edition set if the other colors have not sold out.

Don't forget we also have a Get With Purchase deal (see previous blog post) that will run until Jan. 8!

Happy New Year everyone!

Add: For those of you that were wondering, we expect to get back our Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber Blush & Eyeshadow brushes, Mascara Guard, and (Individually-sold) Premium Eye brushes by early next week. The Folding Metal Lash comb should be in toward the end of next week although there is still one available Individually if you didn't want to purchase a Natural Lash Set (which we only have a couple left as well at the time of this writing.) So make sure to check back then if you were waiting on these!