Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Premium Eyecolors, Blushes, and more finally up at Ecrater!

After working pretty steadily the last few days, I have finally finished adding the items to my store! As mentioned in my previous post, I have added fifteen Premium eyecolors, three Limited Edition eyecolors, three new blushes, a foldable metal eyelash comb, untinted foundation (as well as a set that includes a jar/scoop), and a "clearance" vegan lip balm (as I had messed up my first batch).

As you'll see, the Premium eyecolors also come in specially discounted kits. The Premium line is slightly more expensive that our regular eyeshadows due to the ingredients as well as the packaging (a very elegant looking sqaure jar) but from what my Consumer Panel tells me, they are totally worth it! As noted in the Ecrater description, we cannot allow for substitutions of Premium colors in the *regular* sets (5 for $19.99, 10 for $29.99) but you may substitute one of the regular eyecolors in the Premium sets (2 for $8.99, 4 for $16.49) although you'll have to do the math to make sure you are still saving by buying in the set. **Please also note that I may only be able to do this on my Ecrater site; once I get the official website, depending on how we set up the web pages, we may not be able to allow for the substitutions as easily.

I do plan on adding more colorful Premium shades in the near future (maybe 2-4 months from now) so if these colors aren't quite what you are looking for just stay tuned! Be looking for other new items in the future such as a couple more styles from the Premium brush line and more blushes/face colors.

Thanks everyone...happy shopping!