Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Norway, Sweden, Australia, Singapore & Germany...ADDED!

I am now slowly starting to add International countries and the ones named above in the title are the first ones! These are countries that I have had testers in and have shipped repeatedly to over the last year with an exception of Australia who I just recently tested out with an inquiring customer and everything went over well.

Currently, I have test packages in progress right now going to France, Switzerland, Canada, & the Philippines and once I get word from those countries how long the ship time is and how easily it got to them, I can add them as well.

FYI, shipping to Norway, Sweden, & Australia has been about 6-10 days, IIRC (fastest so far--faster than when I mail stuff to Iowa, lol!) and Germany, Singapore tend to take more time due to Customs holding them a little longer for whatever reason. Regardless of where you are at, PLEASE allow at least three-four weeks for your package to get to you. Once I have shipped it off, it really is out of my hands and cannot do anything to track the packages. (There might be, I just don't know about it yet...)

Due to International postage prices, I won't be able to offer the Free Shipping like I do with my U.S. customers, but will have a minimal charge as follows:

$20 or less: $2.00
$20.01-$$50.00: $3
$50.01-$100.00: $4
$100.01 or over: $5

When you checkout, however, it will say $5 no matter what. Unfortunately, Ecrater is not set up to allow me to use this Shipping Rate chart so what I'll have to do is refund you the difference while your order is being processed. So if you have placed an order and received a notice from us at awG that your order has shipped out, but we *haven't* refunded the extra shipping charges yet, PLEASE email us ASAP to remind us.

I admit, I took one of my International customer's suggestion and used a pricing range identical to another company's (who I think is very wise!) because I really like the simplicity and fairness after doing many "test calculations" of shipping charges. Although charging shipping per weight may be the most exact, it is also rather difficult to coordinate with the Shopping Cart (for me anyway, lol). This way you all can "guess-timate" your shipping charges yourself without having to checkout.

I also wanted to request that you fill out the Address portion VERY CAREFULLY when you checkout. I hear that is usually the main reason for delays. Please check with your Postal Office if possible on the correct order you need to list street address, province, zip code, country, etc. if you are unsure.

Also, as many of you may already know, only PayPal/International Credit cards are accepted. I cannot accept any Personal Checks/Money Orders for International Orders. Paying with a check/money order will significantly delay the order anyway, as I cannot ship off any orders (including U.S. orders) until I have received the money order/check, and it has cleared.

So that is it! This is still in the testing mode so if I end up with too many issues, I may not be able to continue...but I am optimistic and believe this will work out and before you know it, we'll have as many countries added as possible! Just be patient with me in regards to any glitches or issues with the system as it is right now. Thank you everyone!