Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FYI: Columbus Day & Update on what I've been doing

I just wanted to give you all a "heads up" that Monday is Columbus Day; I checked with USPS and mail will NOT run that day. So any orders that are shipped out Friday Morning will likely not get to you until the Tuesday after (at the earliest) and orders placed over the weekend will not be shipped until Tuesday morning as well. Remember this when ordering from other companies, too!

Also, I have been busy getting a new collection of eye shadows (18 new colors in more office friendly neutrals and about 1/2 to 1/3 of them low shimmer as requested by many customers) and several cooler-toned blushes as well as a vegan lip balm that I *hope* to have ready to put up on the store by the end of October/early November. For those that order anything early next week AND depending on the eyeshadow & blush samples that you actually purchase, you might just get to sample a few from my new collection. As some of you know, I like to give a couple freebies with each order and really try to pick colors that I think you will like based on what you have already ordered.

And yes, the real website has been put on hold but only because my programmer (the wonderful DH, lol) has been busy with other commitments these last few weeks (out of town, his own projects) but am hoping that we'll get back on track next week . Erater has been great though, but there are a few features I wish I could change where you all don't have to do as much typing to order, especially for the samples. You *might* still have to with the kits, though--we'll see if drop-down menus aren't too difficult to add and deal with.)

In case you all haven't noticed, the Premium Buffer & Flat Top are back up on my site at their regular prices at $21.49 & $19.89 respectively so grab one if you missed out on the first set! I've gotten pretty good reviews on them so far from my customers!

I think that is all my announcements for now. If the weather will cooperate and if I can get it to work right, I will try to do some arm swatches of the new colors here at my blog to post up next week to give you all a sneak peak! So stay tuned!!!