Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Second Welcome!

I'd like to write a second WELCOME to the rest of you all who have just been invited to see the temporary online store and our blog! This has actually been up for about two weeks but I wanted to test everything out on a handful of people before going public.

For those that are new to adorned with Grace MineralsTM, you can probably skip over some of the posts that deal with the products change of names--it might just confuse you more, lol! But do read the very first post as well as the explanation of the change of names.

But if you did order anything at T123 (my "test store") and want to order a color that was out of stock or one you have used up, then definitely keep reading on down!

I've come to some road blocks with getting the real website up but because I am ready to get these products out to the public, I thought I'd open an Ecrater store to get it started. I've gotten compliments on how nice the site looks but let me say I can't really take any credit for it. Ecrater basically has a template and you just input your photos and pick your color scheme. So even though it has been rather easy to put up, I'm stuck with its features (like it doesn't save a cart/have a wishlist), let me change the buttons around, or do too much reorganization.

Just today, I have added quite a few new brushes. My Ingenue series is targeted specifically to those who are new and just beginning to experiment with loose minerals. Not that you expert MMU users can't order from this line, but you likely already have some that are similar and may not be *quite* as impressed. They are economically priced as I remember how I didn't want to invest a whole lot initially when I started experimenting with MMU "just in case" it didn't work out.

But for those of you who have been around MMU for a while and are looking for some super soft face brushes, the Premium line may be for you. I haven't included any of the other eye or cheek brushes yet; I want to make sure this set goes over well. I have specially priced this first slew I have ordered (the price will go up when I reorder) to entice you all to try them and even though this is a little higher than I wanted to charge, I really think they are worth it! And that is coming from the Frugal Queen herself!

And please let me apologize here to any International customers. Since I have to go down to the Post Office to mail off all non-US orders, it's going to be difficult for me to add this while I am a "one woman show." I could add it via Global Priority (super expensive!)or by doing the feature they have on PayPal which is about $11-12 but I know that is too much too especially if you just order samples. I can't give a date on when I'd start taking International orders. It could be in two months if all goes well OR even up to a year; it all depends on how fast this company can take off! If I can turn a good profit, I'll be able to hire some help that I can send down to the PO for me. We just have such long lines (and they are closed during lunchtime--I've never lived in a city whose PO that did that!) that I end up pulling my hair out before I leave the place.

Anyway, that's all for now...I hope to be back within a week or two with some more fun posts!

Happy shopping! Just remember to read the FAQs, About Us, & Terms as I think that will answer any questions I haven't addressed here.