Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finding a Foundation Match

Okay, you’re thinking how awesome it is that there is now a makeup company dedicated to those hard-to-match olive/yellow skintones…BUT after seeing the adorned with Grace MineralsTM foundation colors, you are wondering where in the world to even start!

Well, one of the most basic ways is to hold a bright white sheet of paper next to your face as you look at a mirror in a well lit room and note what undertones you think you see:

*If you see a lot of orange you likely have strong peachy undertones and may match the Kindness (Peach) or Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden) category.

*If you see a lot of yellow, you likely have strong yellow/golden undertones and may match Love (Yellow with slight Peach) or Hope (Yellow/Olive).

*If you see a green tone, you likely have olive undertones and may match Peace (Neutral Olive), Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden), or Hope (Yellow/Olive)

*If you see mainly a neutral brown, you likely have neutral undertones and may match Faith (Golden Brown) or Peace (Neutral Olive).

*If you think you see several undertones, you may need to choose our “hard to match” color families like Grace (Peach, Olive, & Golden) or Charity (Neutral Olive with strong Yellow and slight Peach undertones)

Then, you'll want to choose a Foundation shade level. Our colors families are arranged in degrees of light to dark. Currently our darkest shades fall in the 4.5 range and the lightest color is in the 2.0 range. So when choosing colors, keep this in mind:

1.0: Ultra Fair (no current colors)
2.0: Very Fair
2.5: Fair
3.0: Fair-Medium
3.5: Medium-Fair
3.8: Medium
4.0: Medium
4.2: Medium
4.5: Medium Tan
Any colors past 4.5 have not been developed…YET!

So, to put it all together if you decide that you do have strong peachy undertones and have darker, tanned skin, you may want to try Kindness and Grace in the range of 4.0-4.2. I hope that makes sense!

For Experience Mineral Makeup Samplers…
I have been using mineral makeup almost four years now and even though there was one particular brand I always bought my full-sized products from, I just always *had* to sample whatever else was out there! (Can I get an “Amen” from anyone out there, LOL!) So in my days as a “sample queen”, I managed to accumulate lots of little jars and baggies of the various olive/yellow toned foundations out there as well as some that were sent to me or requested by testers that I bought during my formulation phase that they wanted matched.
What I have done is compiled a list of my foundation colors and the colors from other MMU companies that have similar (BUT NOT IDENTICAL) tones. Again, let me reiterate that these won’t be exact matches, but a guideline so that you may have a better idea of what suits you. Also, minerals are forgiving so they might be close enough:

Charity: Everyday Mineral’s Light Olive (Charity 4.0); Everyday Minerals Sandy Medium (Charity 4.0 is a few shades lighter)

Grace: Everyday Minerals Buttered Tan (Grace 4.0-4.2); Buff’d Almond (Grace 3.5-4.0); Everyday Minerals Sandy Medium (Grace 4.2-4.5); MAD Minerals Olive; Alima Golden; Bare Escentuals Medium Beige (Grace 3.5-4.0 & has more golden tones); KT Naturals Warm

Faith: Meow Siamese; Lumiere Golden; Joppa Medium #3 (Faith 4.0 and darker); Everyday Minerals Golden Medium (Faith 4.2-4.5); Meow Angora (just the lighter shades, Faith 2.0-2.5); Everyday Minerals Sandy Medium (Faith 4.2-4.5); MAD Minerals Olive; KT Naturals Warm

Kindness: Everyday Minerals Medium Tan (Kindness 4.0); Everyday Minerals Golden-Light/Fairly Light (Kindness 3.0-3.5); Everyday Minerals Soft Butter Peach (Kindness 2.0-2.5); Bare Escentuals Medium Beige (Kindness 4.0-3.5)

Love: Meow Chartreaux (Love has more yellow); Meow Manx (Love has less yellow); Lauress Soft Yellow (Love 2.0-2.5)

Hope: Meow Abyssinian; Meow Manx (Hope has more olive tones); EDM Winged Butter/Buffd Ginger or Moccasin (Hope 3.8-4.2)

Peace: Meow Siamese (Peace seems more neutral); Joppa Medium #3 (Peace 4.0 and darker); Everyday Minerals Olive Fair (Peace 2.5); Everyday Minerals Olive Medium (Peace 1.5-1.0); Everyday Minerals Ivory (Peace 2.5); Everyday Minerals Fair Neutral (Peace 2.5-3.0); Everyday Mineral Fairly-Light Neutral (Peace 3.5-4.0); MAD Minerals Neutral; Alima Olive
I know this process can be somewhat frustrating, but I hope the above at least gives you a place to start. As always, PLEASE email me at if you have further questions. Also, if you have been sampling my foundation and find some you want to add to my “sample queen” list, please do so and I’ll edit my post to include that.
And of course, sample before you buy a full-size product. We have a specially priced kit, the “15 for $12 Sample Baggie Set” which INCLUDES SHIPPING & HANDLING that will allow you to try a whole slew of foundations without breaking the bank. (If you were to subtract about $2-4 for the S/H many companies charge, it would come out to about 53-67 cents each baggie!) And if you don’t need that many foundations, we have plenty of eyecolors, blushes, and powders that you can also try!

Good luck!