Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first post!

Welcome! What a joy and privilege it is for me to bring you the adorned with Grace MineralsTM Blog. This Blog will obviously be a bulletin board of sorts to mostly supplement my website and products in regards to any changes, extra photos, and application tips, etc. However, in staying true to my theme of “Defining True BeautyTM” I won’t just talk about the makeup that helps your physical appearance, but also natural health and beauty topics that also work from the inside out!

I believe that true beauty is holistic. No, we don’t all have to look like those red-carpet celebrities but definitely enhance the beauty God gave you! At the same time, beauty doesn’t just stop at skin level. The same skin the cosmetics sit on needs to start from a base of a healthy body via nutrition, exercise, a peaceful mind, etc.

Natural health and beauty has really been gaining popularity among many women (hence many of you switching to more products with simple ingredients like Mineral Makeup), and it has been one of my passions in the last decade of my life, especially in the area of Natural health. I have researched this topic via books, Internet, attended seminars, taken courses, bought tapes/CDs/DVDs to help me further my knowledge on this subject and experimented/put some of these ideas into practice with some pretty good results! So when a yearning arises to share some of this info (or at reader requests), I’ll have a post ready for you all.

For example, I would love to share what I have learned about depression; I talk to so many women who have dealt with this, whether it was a confirmed or suspected diagnosis. If there is any new information I can offer to help, I would be thrilled to pass it along. Other topics I had in mind would be losing weight/keeping it off; how to quit smoking; eating for optimal skin & hair health; how to keep stress at bay-- the list goes on and on…

Of course, please note this disclaimer here: I will merely be sharing with you my experiences and knowledge--I'm not an expert in those topics. I think it is EXTREMELY important that everyone don’t just take what I say as 100% true; I am a believer in researching it for yourself and making up your own opinions. I am not here to debate topics but to simply give information that I personally have found useful.

Anyway, I hope that you’ll find this blog fun and useful! I am actually a very private person, not even feeling comfortable posting frequently on the Internet via forums, chat rooms, etc. but this company and the principles I am building it on is near and dear to my heart so finding to courage to start a blog for it was not too hard. :)

Thanks for stopping by!