Monday, December 21, 2009

A Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to All!

Before adorned with Grace takes a break for a little over a week, we just wanted to take the time to wish you all a very blessed Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! We'd also like to thank those of you who ordered these last couple weeks during our Sale and hope you all love your products!

As noted on our Website, we will resume the Sale when we return, around Dec. 30 or Jan. 1 by popular demand! So make sure to check back us then if you missed out on this last sale or simply want more, lol!

I also wanted to make sure you all knew that we will likely (about 98% sure) not be able to reply to any emails between tonight (Dec. 21) and next Monday (Dec. 27) as our Internet access will be extremely limited. So please make sure you all know we are not ignoring you! We try to get back with our Customers as fast as our schedule allows us to.

On that note, I seem to be having trouble, especially with those of you that have a Yahoo email account, with my emails (specifically Shipping Notices) getting to you? I know that with my current email, Notices from my own website are diverted and I never receive them as Yahoo appears to have a semi-strict SPAM filter that does not allow let me get messages that appear to be from mass emailers and/or companies. (I say "semi-strict" because I still get those awful phishing ones, lol!)

The only solution I have that might work is if you make sure to add "" to your Contacts list so that it is not diverted away completely or to a SPAM/Junk Folder. I've had one customer who I have emailed three times but apparently my emails are not getting to her as she thinks we have simply not bothered to reply, but as most of you know, we get back with most of our customers no less than 3-4 days, even during a Sale, and try to reply to Customers as quickly as we would like to be responded to!

The only time we are unable to respond to an email is to those asking for "freebies for review" as we get soooooo many requests (sometimes more than orders!!!) we simply do not have time to respond to them all, in addition to our regular mail and processing orders and making up new products. In addition, I believe there is a new law now that if you receive freebies from any company and review them on your blog, you do have to disclose that info. I believe so much in my product I know that I will get more than enough good reviews from paying customers who will spread the good word about awG! :)

Other than sending out a few more Shipping Notices and making adjustments to our website, adorned with Grace is officially off on Christmas vacation! Again, everyone have a wonderful holiday and looking forward to this New Year!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back from Thanksgiving with a Sale!

We are finally back after a great Thanksgiving weekend! I appreciate those of you who still ordered and thank you sincerely for your patience as the shipping turnaround time was a little longer than usual since we were not in town to take care of orders and our Internet time was extremely limited in regards to answering emails.

But now we are back with a Sale to help you get started on your Christmas shopping! We have taken 10% all makeup sets (NOT the a la carte eyeshadow, blush, foundation, & powder), all Face Premium Brushes and other select brush sets, and a few Limited Edition sets that were popular Customer Request Choices (see on Limited Edition page).

Please also make sure to check out our Clearance page as we have added some new items, mostly from our past Summer 2009 LE Eyecolors. Make sure to read the listings CAREFULLY as not all are full sized items!

Per request of some of my customers last year, we are offering a Limited Edition set of our Christmas Eyesparklers which is eye-safe cosmetic glitter in the typical holiday colors of gold, silver, white, red, and green! You'll love these used by themselves (with a good cream base for optimal adhesion) or mixed in with your other cosmetics to add a festive sparkle.

However, these are ONLY available in full-sized sets (one of each color) and once we sell out, they will no longer be available! We also do NOT have sample sizes, nor will they be available in full-sized singles.

FYI, there will be no Blog Specials for the month of December. Also, we will be running this sale until December 19. As with this past holiday, we will leave the online store "open" but orders received from December 20-28 will likely not ship until December 29-30 at the earliest. Depending on what stock we have available, we may continue the sale (meaning we'll mark the items down again) December 29 as an After Christmas sale!

Because of the nature of this sale, please do expect that there might be a 1-3 day delay in our usual shipping time so don't panic if we don't mail your order out the same day or within 24 hours of placing an order. We are known for our quick turnaround time but this is one of those times of the year it is more difficult to maintain that so continue to have some patience with us!

Thank you all!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Store updates...

Hey, all! Since our staff will be going out of town this weekend and will be gone for a little over a week and there is much to be prepared for that, we have decided not to have a Blog Special this week. We have left up the one from last week as there is ONE set left for sale before we get more in stock, which will be hopefully sometime next week. So good luck to the one quick enough to snag this last Custom Brush set. :)

On that note, our Online store will still be open but if you place an order between 12:00 p.m. CST this November 20 (Friday) to November 30 (Monday), it will likely NOT be shipped until Dec. 2 (Wednesday) at the earliest.

But on a better note...there will be a month long sale starting in about two weeks (early December) on select Makeup and Brush sets just in time for the holidays! Just check back with us then!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blog Only Offer

We recently had one of our wonderful customers (Cristine of CristineRose86 on YouTube) request a brush set that she thought would make a wonderful Beginners set. There will only be a few sets of this available this week, but if this proves to be a popular set (and we are sure it will!), we will restock them by late November (likely after Thanksgiving weekend).

This is a Blog ONLY offer as we like to pass great savings to our loyal customers! We'll offer up the current stock we have until we run out OR this Sunday, Nov. 15.

Click HERE to see the Blog ONLY sale.

Thanks all!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blog Only Special Offer!

This is a special sale that is good ONLY for those that follow us here at Defining True Beauty or our Facebook page:

Check out a special offer on a brush that we are promoting. (As it is one of our top favorites!) Even if you only need one for yourself, it will be a great time to stock up as Christmas is coming and they'll make wonderful stocking stuffers. Or you could be like me, and just like to have a few back ups just in case! ;)

Blog Special

This will only be good while supplies last or November 8 (Sunday), whichever comes first. As noted in the listing, no substitutions allowed please. :)

Also, you MUST use the link above (or here: BLOG SPECIAL) to get your third brush. If you do not use this link and simply add tw0-three Sleeks to your cart, we cannot offer you the special deal. This is so we know who are loyal followers are!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Extending Premium Brush Sale!

Yes, you read correctly...due to popular demand, we will be extending the sale we have on our Premium Brushes until November 19! Remember, all brushes (except the Premium Eyebrushes under $6) are 10% off right now!

No Blog Special for this week but all orders over $15 will get a free Eye/Lip Pencil Sharpener. (Remember, this does not include taxes or shipping so do your math carefully!) There will be no need to add anything to your cart, it will be automatically included. :) HOWEVER, this will **ONLY** be for orders that we receive by Oct. 31. If you place your order in November, we will not be able to honor the deal.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Some new stuff, a Blog Special, and a Sale!

If you stalk our website, you might have noticed that we put up a new Premium brush yesterday as well as a new accessory!

Our first new offering is our Premium Mini Eye Buki. (We took a picture of it next to our full sized eyeshadow--that is about the size of a quarter--so you could get an idea of how adorable it was!)

Because of popularity of our other mini brush (Mini Dual Ended), we thought you all would also enjoy this one! What I like about it, besides its travel-friendly size, is that it has a nice fluffy bristle head that allows for great all over application or blending colors. As with our other Premium brushes, this one is 100% synthetic and assembled in the USA.

Then we also have our new Dual Eye/Lip Pencil Sharpener with Cover. It's a tool I know many of you all use if you still wear traditional eye or lip liners (I admit to still using Wet 'n' Wild 666 Lipliner, a Makeup Alley fave!) and a good pencil sharpener is a must!

This week's Blog Special is for our Blushes. Just click HERE to see this week's special deal! This offer will be good until Friday, Oct. 23.

Then, our sale for the entire week is for the winner from our recent poll: Premium brushes! With an exception of the Eyeshadow brushes that are under $5.99, they are 10% off for this week until next Sunday, Oct. 25. *Pleaes note that Sale prices are for the current stock only. Once they go out of stock, when they will return, it will be at their regular price.

Happy shopping all!

New Fall LE Eyecolors are here!

They are finally here! This was actually a good week to release these; the weather has finally turned cooler here in the normally hot and humid state of Mississippi. I think it was actually 48 degrees early this morning, lol! It was a welcome change though. ;)

You'll find them here at our Limited Edition page. As with our other collections, make sure to act fast as there are very limited quantities of these (especially of the full-size complete set) and will no longer be stocked once they are gone!

A brief rundown on all the colors:

Enchanting - A grayed plum with colorful highlights; Inspiring's purple sister.
Endearing - A stone colored beige; great for those with more neutral skintones as a highlighter.
Enigmatic - An intense blue-grey; similar to Placid but more mysterious!
Enthralling - A bright mustard gold; not for the color shy. ;)
Enthusiastic - A bright and shimmery light golden yellow; great highlight or base color.
Enticing - A rich shimmer purple; complements well with Enthralling for a bold look.
Feisty - A shimmery dark taupe; reminds me a lot of an old tester color I called Shimmery Dark Taupe.
Mesmerizing - A milk chocolate shimmer; natural and goes well with anything!
Remarkable - A soft silvery light green; made to go with Enigmatic.

So which ones are my personal favorites and what I would wear everyday? I adore Enthusiastic, Enchanting, Mesmerizing and Feisty--these are very natural colors I could wear to the office, and I suspect if any sell out first, these would be it!

Word of caution to those that try Enthralling however--I'd say this is one **bright** Fall color; it definitely has the golden tones you would recognize with this season and you don't have to worry about this one not showing up on you!

But we hope you like these colors and enjoy wearing them this season! They'll be available until they sell out or mid-December, whichever comes first.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Columbus Day, About Fall LE, & Vote in Poll!

Before I close up for the weekend, I do want to give you all a heads up that it will be a "long weekend" for awG in that any orders that we receive from now (about 6 p.m. Central Time Friday, Oct.9 to Tuesday, Oct 13) will likely not be shipped until Thursday, Oct 14. Partly because Monday, Oct. 12 is a Postal Holiday and there will be no mail that day, but also since we will be going out of town and not be back to do anything with orders until Wednesday afternoon. So just be aware of that as you know I like to send orders out super fast, but it just won't happen this weekend, lol...

Also, I have decided I won't release my LE Fall Colors until the week of Oct. 19. Mostly because I want to release them the same time as my next Blog Special, and there will not be one until that week since next week will be out. Also, it still feels like Summer weather here in the state of Mississippi as today was 80 degrees and it's so hard to get in the mood for Fall, LOL! I'll also have a few small new eye accessories to add along with the new LE eyecolors. :)

Finally, I'd love for everyone to vote in the poll to your right about what items you would like to see next on Sale. Just trying to see what direction I should go in with my next sale/Blog Special!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Blog Special this week!

Because we are still catching our breath from last week's very successful sale AND are trying to finish up our Fall 2009 Limited Edition Eyecolors we are going to be holding off on any Blog Specials until we can catch up on that. We are hoping to have them done in the next week or two and the new LE Fall colors will likely be up for sale the second or third week of October.

Until then, what is left of our Summer LE Collection will stay up until they sell out (some colors are VERY close!) so if there is one you've been keeping your eye on, make sure to grab them in case they sell out.

Thanks to all of you who placed an order last week! Support from loyal customers such as you help keep our online doors open! Make sure to help us advertise via word of mouth (especially if there is a particular product you liked) as that is how small companies like adorned with Grace Minerals grow!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blog Special: September 22-25

CLICK HERE for this week's Blog Special. Make sure to read the important requirement required for the Blog Special carefully!

As with our other Blog Special, don't forget that this will end this Friday, Sept. 25.

The new brush we have added is a 100% Synthetic (Vegan) Retractable Kabuki! I have to shamelessly rave about this kabuki and say that it is simply the Ultimate! It is super soft and has just the right amount of density (in our opinion) and you'll definitely want to check these out ASAP because we are offering it at an Introductory Price of $17.99; once we sell out of the current stock we have, the price will go up to $20.49.

***FYI, we wanted to warn you that we may not be able to ship with the "lightning fast speed" that we usually do for those orders specifically placed between this Tuesday and Wednesday morning as our Shipping Department may not be available during then.

Thanks ahead of time for understanding!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

No Blog Special for this week :(

Just letting you all know there won't be a Blog Special this week as we've decided to hold it off until next Monday or Tuesday (Sept. 21-22). We hope to post up a good one then! I'll have an introductory price on this new brush I have been waiting for so stayed tuned for that as I'll only have limited quantities of this!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blog Special: 9/09 to 9/11

***EDIT*** Blog Special is now over!

We just have a very simple Blog Special this week. If you happen to be eyeing our 4 for $16.49 Premium Eyecolor Set this is your lucky week! For every "4 for" set, you will get our very popular Mini Dual Ended Eyeshadow Brush.

To get this blog special, simply click on the "4 for $16.49 Premium Eyecolor Set" and add to your cart. Then in the box where you are supposed to put your 4th color choice, type in "BLOG SPECIAL" so that we know you read it here. If you DON'T type that in the noted box, we won't send the brush, so don't forget!!!

As with our other Blog Specials, be aware that this is limited to our current stock but if we run out, we'll make sure to notify you as well as post on the listing. AND this Blog Special will only last until Friday, Sept. 11. Any requests we get after that, we won't be able honor. :(

Also wanted to note that we aren't sure if we'll have a Blog Special next week. We are waiting on a set of brushes that will come in early next week and if they come on time, we'll have one--if not, we'll save it for week after. But we'll have something posted by next Wednesday if we do!

Thanks all!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blog Special: 9/02 to 9/04

It's all about the Premium line!

This weeks Blog Special is one free Premium Eyecolor for each Premium FACE Brush (or the Premium Trio Eyeshadow Brush Set) you buy. CLICK HERE for the listing and more details.

As with our other Blog Specials, this will end Friday, September 4. So it will be off the site by September 5! If you have any questions about the terms of our Blog Special, feel free to email us at (But please, no Phishing emails, LOL, we report those! I only say that because it seems after we post our email up publicly, I am showered with those Nigerian scam emails for at least a week afterward asking for our Bank Account number...)

Also, a reminder that Monday, September 7 is Labor Day so any orders that we get Friday night through Monday will NOT ship out until Tuesday, Sept 8 as the US Post Offices are closed that day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August Sale & Blog Special

Finally, our August mini-sale is up! We have taken about 10% off of our single, full-sized mineral products as well as discounted some of our face brushes in both the Ingenue & Premium Line. Also added is a LE Mini Custom Kit where you get to choose a Full-Sized Foundation with your choice of either one powder, one blush, or two eyecolors!

We do apologize as we cannot include the LE Summer 2009 Eyecolors in the LE Mini Custom Kit or in our August sale since our inventory is actually running low and may sell out of certain colors very soon. It has been one of our best selling collections and are still in pretty high demand!

Our sale will run through the entire month of August. HOWEVER, the sale on the Ingenue & Premium brushes is limited to In-Stock Brushes. If we happen to sell out of the brushes during the sale, when they are restocked, it will be at regular price.

In addition, we are running a Blog Special where you *may* qualify for a discount code on your NEXT order if your order is exactly $50 or more. **For International's this DOES NOT include your shipping charge, so please plan accordingly. To clarify, if you spend $49.99 or less, and you add the Blog Special listing to your order, will will not be able to include a Discount Code with your order.

So if you spend exactly $50 or more, you'll get a 10% Discount Code to use for your NEXT order. If you end up spending up to $100, you will get a 20% Discount Code--so the more you spend this time, the more you'll save next time! Just CLICK HERE to take advantage of the Blog Special which will run a little longer than our usual Blog Special, from today, August 19 to next Friday, August 28.

Oh, and don't forget, we still have a few CLEARANCE items left in stock so make sure to stock by there to catch some more great deals! Happy shopping!

Monday, August 10, 2009

We are now on Facebook!

Yes, some of you already found us over the last few months--I had opened an account but just haven't had the time to get the Info and other stuff up until late last week. So sorry--we weren't ignoring you!

adorned with Grace Minerals Facebook page
(User name is Adornedwith Grace)

We'll post our Blog sales and probably more reminders and such over there and now that I have a photo album over there, I would love to see photos you wonderful customers wearing our products! You can send them over to me with a message and I'll put them up!

Closing down early this week

I just wanted to let you all know that there will be no Blog Special this week and we will also be closing down early since we will be out of town from Friday, August 14 to Monday, August 17. So if you happen to order anything this week, as long as we receive it by Thursday evening, August 13 it should ship out the following day. Otherwise, the earliest it will ship would be the Tuesday, and most likely the Wednesday following.

But to give you a little incentive to wait until next week to order, we do plan on having a mini-sale, mostly on single items (not sets) and some LE Customs sets that we haven't decided on yet.

This sale will likely last about one week so make sure to tune back in (or subscribe to ensure you get our announcement) in about 7-9 days to see what goodies we'll have marked down for you!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Special: 8/3-8/7

This weeks Blog Special combines Janice's Choice Brush Set & the Microfiber Waschcloth (set of three) set for $27.77. (But this has a value of $42.28 even at the sale prices!) But to sweeten the deal, you are also allowed to get ten free baggies samples of your choice!

Before you click and purchase this Blog Special, please keep in mind a few things:

1. This is good until August 7, 2009 (Friday)
BUT there are only a limited number of these available for sale, so if you click on the listing below and it is not there anymore, then they are gone for good! So if this ends up being a popular set, it might even be gone by the end of the day. (I doubt it, but you never know, lol!)

2. You can pick any ten samples, but
only one sample of each color. This Blog Special is intended for those that may have not tried any awG products yet or have tried them but want to sample more. If you have two or more samples of the same color, expect your order to be delayed as we will need the extra time to email you to ask for additional choices.

3. Normally, we just have a one cent listing where you can add the Blog Special to your cart after you have placed the other items from the other pages.
This listing is different from previous Blog Specials and you MUST use the link to the listing below to get the special deal and the free ten samples.

Please do not go to their listings in the Accessories and LE page and expect to be refunded the difference and email us with your list of colors. If you purchase them that way, you will be charged their regular, more expensive price AND you won't get the freebie samples.

I think that is it! If there is any confusion like last time, I will make sure to include an Addendum to clarify.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

About Coconut Oil & the Microfiber Washcloth

About two weeks ago, I posted a Top Ten of my favorite things. One of the items, the Microfiber Washcloth, seemed to generate some questions especially in regards to keratosis pilaris. Unfortunately, I did not remember to take "before and after" pics but I can say in my experience that it has done wonderfully for smoothing my arms.

I have been using the Microfiber washcloth for about five-six months now pretty regularly and it kind of helped smooth it out but it was not until I started using the coconut oil (and the Microfiber cloth) about a month ago that I started to notice the bumps slowly smooth down significantly and the redness go away. All I notice now is bump or two and some light brown spots where the old bumps were and I am hoping that those will heal and disappear in a matter of time as well!

So my method? All I do is make sure to exfoliate daily (without cleanser on it) on the backs of my arms with firm pressure in a circular massage motion. I try not to do it for too long (like more than a minute) as you can literally rub your skin raw! I also make sure to use a more natural soap like Dr. Bronner's afterward for cleansing as I heard that some more processed soaps have dimethicones and other ingredients that can irritate those trouble areas. When I get out of the shower, I apply the coconut oil and maybe reapply a couple more times during the day. Be careful though and don't use too much! It can get quite greasy!

So why does this work? From what I understand about keratosis pilaris is that it is a genetic trait in which your skin produces excess keratin, a natural protein in your skin, and causes hard plugs around hair follicles in the area. With exfoliation, I believe it can help prevent excess buildup and smooth the skin out better.

But why is it the coconut oil helps even more? I can only scratch the surface here as there is TONS of info out there about its health & beauty benefits so I'll only bring up a few key points. Coconut oil is excellent and healing and repairing. It is considered a medium chain fatty acid and because of this composition, it is able to penetrate into the skin much better than other oils or lotions and can literally get under your skin and help with healing and smoothing the skin. If you'd like to read a more thorough article o this check this link out:

Virgin Coconut Oil & Your Skin.

I can definitely vouch for it being an excellent moisturizer; I don't limit this to just my arms but apply it everywhere else: arms, legs, torso, back, and even my face. Proceed with caution, though, on your face as I have read some conflicting reports on using it on your face as some rate it as highly comedegenic, but I have not noticed this in my experience and have also seen lots of articles promoting coconut oil to get rid of acne. Most noticeable is my knees and elbows which were normally hard and scaly feeling--but since using, they are smoother and softer than when I was a kid!

You can get coconut oil (it is best to get the Organic Extra Virgin from everything I have read) at your local health food store, Whole Foods or Trader Joes, GNC, and of course online, just do a Google Shopping search. I got my first 16 ounce jar at (since I got free shiping for my order that was $49 or more) but if you think you'll want more, I strongly recommend as they have excellent prices right now on the large one gallon tubs (about eight pounds) and it is free shipping with orders $30 or more. Just let them know I sent you in the comments section! I've actually stocked up on it as I am using it for cooking as well, giving it to my dog for his health, and of course my beauty routine from head to toe! I hope to be blogging a few more articles on my experience with coconut oil in the near future. From everything I have read, it sounds like the tree of life!

As a special sale to go along with this blog post, I am putting the Set of Three Microfiber Cloths on sale for $8.29 should you want to test this out yourself. Don't forget, this is free shipping for my US & Canadian customers and the sale will only last until current stock is sold out or by next Friday (August 7) whichever comes first.

And for those of you that missed it, I will extend Janice's Choice Brush set until then as well (or until we sell out of those brushes too) as it has been a popular set that I am sure more of you would like a chance to purchase!

**Disclaimer: I am not an expert on this subject but am simply sharing my good experience with this method--your mileage may vary!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blog Special: 7/20-7/24

Hey, all! I'm back with a Blog Special for this week!

But before I share the links I need to explain that I'm going to be adding a new Limited Edition listing that I'll have "as needed" when good ideas arise: a Customer Request Set! I had a customer ask about having a special brush set that she wanted to give to a family member as a gift and she was hoping for some basic face brushes, specifically the ones listed in this set. Just go to our Limited Edition page and scroll down to the bottom to find it or simply click HERE to see the listing.

These brushes are actually mentioned on my very last "Favorite Things" post as they are dupes of the MAC 187, 188, & 138. The price on these three brushes (plus the Blog Special) doesn't even cover the cost of one MAC brush!

The sale on the LE Customer Request set will be over either when we run out of our current stock of brushes or July 29, whichever comes first. However, I *think* I will have enough for everyone that will want one so hopefully, no worries there. :)

But along with that **IF** you purchase this set, as this week's Blog Special, you will also get your choice of a free full-sized blush or powder of your choice! So to take advantage of this deal, click HERE to get your free face product. It will only be available from today until Friday, July 24 until about 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.

EDIT: I don't know if I just did not make it clear here on the Blog Post as well as the actual product listing HERE in RED but the Blog Special is ONLY for those that purchase the current Customer Request Set. Also, you can get more than one Blog Special but ONLY for as many Customer Requests sets you buy. For example if you get four Customer Request Sets, you can get four Blog Specials.

The reason I have to clarify is that I just got an order that did not purchase any of the Customer Request Set but added about forty Blog Specials to her order (so forty full-sized products for 40 cents)--so I am afraid something was not made clear??? I WISH I could just give stuff away like that, LOL, but Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover I am not in terms of profits....

Maybe one day I'll be one of the "big girls" but until then, you all will just keep needing to spread the word about awG word of mouth--that's when I get my best advertising!!! By the way, many thanks to all my paying customers who YouTube and/or blog about my company. I appreciate your willingness to buy my products and kind words you say in your videos/posts!

Thanks everyone! Hope that clears it up!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My favorite things!

Before I take off for the weekend I thought I'd leave you all this post; I've been getting lots of emails from my customers asking me what brush or makeup product I like using best & would recommend (from my adorned with GraceTM store) so I thought it might be fun and perhaps informative to give you a Top Ten list of the things *I* love and can't live without. I did a Top Ten list of products my first month of blogging, but that was what is popular with my customers --these are my own personal loves!

1. Supreme Smoothing Powder: I use this as a primer underneath my foundation all over my face and then I go over it lightly around my more visible pores or areas I feel like need an extra smoothing. Gives a "Photoshopped" look to my face, lol! See a blog post here that I did about it:

Supreme Smoothing Powder: Does it work?

2. Metal Eyelash Comb: I get asked a LOT about this item---like does it really work better than the regular brow brushes? Well, let me tell you...I used to think clumps were just a regular part of wearing mascara; I used to use the plastic combs and those things never did ANY good! Because metal lash combs have such sharp teeth, these cut through the clumps easily. Just make sure to be careful as they can hurt you if you poke yourself in the eye (so no combing while driving/in a car, lol!) and keep the combs clean! I actually use dental floss to get in between and then wipe the rest away with a piece of a paper towel with a dab of rubbing alcohol.

See...the teeth are fine and sharp, unlike plastic brow brushes.

3. Shimmer Blushes: Although I like my pigmented blushes, I love the natural look and sheerness of my Shimmer Blushes! They give such a great youthful glow to my skin without accentuating fine lines or pores. My favorite Shimmer Blush colors? Hmmm...that is hard for me to say, but I guess if I *had* to choose, I'd say Fascinating (for a golden glow), Audacious (for a "perk me up" look), Dainty (for a feminine touch), & Tenderness (for a radiant, innocent sheen).

4. Small Pointed Face Brush: I didn't think much of this brush when I first saw it in my Supplier's Catalog and actually did not carry it immediately. However, I added it and after one of my faithful customers bought it and told me she realized that it was similar to the MAC 138, a $52 brush, I gave it a try and fell in love myself!

What is so great about it is it's shape. (In fact, if you look it up, it is the MAC 138 that is used with MAC's"Sculpt and Shape Powder!") You can apply color with the point for precision or use the sides where it angles for adding contours/highlight just where you need them! If you'd like to see it in action, one of my customers who is a popular YouTube guru, Julieg713 uses it in one of her looks *HERE*. You can fast forward it to the end (around 9:25) if you'd like to see a good visual on how to use it.

5. Microfiber washcloth: I have to be honest. I started carrying these not because of Customer request but because I just adore them and wanted to get a whole bunch of them for myself ha ha! I was using some I got from a DollarTree/General Dollar really cheap but I guess you get what you pay for as I found the cloth too thin and flimsy and it didn't seem to feel as comfortable to use as these do.

I use mine very gently on my face; I don't like to scrub too hard as you can rub your face raw if you overdo it. But my favorite is for using it on the backs of my arms as I have those unsightly bumps (Keratosis Pilaris I think is what they call it) because it does an excellent job of exfoliating. As a side note, I've recently been applying Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a lotion to my arms after I exfoliate with the washcloth, and I've noticed a big improvement! I'll continue to experiment with my EVCO and have a Health & Beauty post on how well it is working for me as I am using it for other beauty remedies. So look for that in the next few months!

6. Premium Eyecolors: favorite eyeshadows ever! Besides the fact that these are all wearable colors, I love the texture of this formula--like creamy velvet! They blend well, wear long, & have just the right amount of sheen--not too matte they look chalky, but not too shimmery it looks like Tinkerbell exploded on your eyelids...

If I had to choose my faves, I would say: Phenomenal (a great eyeshadow base & highlight); Amazing & Dauntless (crease/lid colors); and Marvelous (for contouring/eyelining).

7. Ingenue Synthetic Flat Top Brush: I love all my brushes, especially from my Premium Line, but this is my "best all around" brush! It's not quite as dense as the Premium Flat Top or Buffer but is super soft and for an inexpensive brush, I have not noticed this one shed. I also LOVE the size of it for both everyday use and travel. It is very similar to Everyday Minerals Flat Top in size & shape that I know is very popular in MMU-land.
Such a cute yet super-soft brush!

8. Foundation: The whole reason adorned with GraceTM even exists! It's really awesome to me that I actually have foundation that is my perfect match! I also like my formula in that it isn't too heavy and chalky, giving medium to medium-heavy coverage (with applying in sheer layers and/or dabbing on problem areas first), yet has an almost skin finish (for me anyway) as I've tried other brands where I felt like I looked too chalky and ghostlike.

9. Ingenue Dual Fiber Set: Okay, I am cheating with this one as it is actually two products, but I'm running out of slots in my Top Ten and really wanted to get both of these brushes in.

First off, I love the Ingenue Sleek! It's almost identical in shape to my Ingenue Petite, but has a sleeker and prettier handle; I also think that the head is a little bit denser so if you wanted to use it for stippling foundation in those hard to stipple areas like around your nose and eyes, I think this one would do a better job. My favorite daily use for it though is for blush application, especial #3, my Shimmer Blushes--and it is about $26 cheaper than the MAC 188!

And then its "big sis" the Ingenue Large! If you can believe it, I actually had a tester sample of this from one of my suppliers that I bought about a year before I started carrying it and had just forgotten about it; I was too busy testing out some others from other suppliers and comparing it to the much loved MAC 187. Well, after I had given up and thought there wasn't one similar enough, I found my bag of tester brushes and realized this one was a winner! (I have a post *HERE* comparing the two.) As mentioned in that post, this one and the sleek will note some initial shedding--but nowhere near the "fallout" of the other brushes I have owned/tested that were supposed to be good dupes. In fact, there were some that were so bad I had to thrown them out as they were coming out in clumps! These have shedding but it is on the minimal side.

Now, in all honestly, it probably does not compare to the MAC 187 "just cuz" but with the MAC 187 costing $42, I am paranoid about bringing it with me on trips and losing it as I do travel out of town a lot; this applies similar enough with good quality, it is a good backup for that or when my MAC 187 is needing to be washed. I imagine for those of you that are on a very limited budget, this one would satisfy your need for a 187 until you can save up for the real thing.

10. Luscious Lipbalm: LOL, I love this one so much I keep 1-2 in almost every room I frequent during the day at work (my "day job" as an OT), at home, and in my car! I actually collected lip balms prior to starting adorned with Grace and had enough of the store-bought variety to last me the next ten years--but after I started carrying this one, I just can't bring myself to use the other ones (well, except maybe my Tiramisu or Reese's Cup flavored one, but that was more for taste!) as they just don't seem to work on my lips which are very prone to chapping since I am bad about licking my lips. I gave some of these to my coworkers last year and they all agreed that these just seemed to "sink in" and actually moisturize whereas the store-bought variety just sits on the top of your lips.

So that completes my list! I really should have made this a Top Twenty, but this post is already long enough so maybe I'll do a continuation next week! Hope that was helpful to some of you!

P.S. Heads up, I have about 1/3 left of my CLEARANCE stock so I imagine if they are selling as fast as they have this week, they might be gone by the middle or end of next week? Also, I don't think I will be having a Blog Special next week--I thought about offering a discounted kit of the Top Ten Products above, but wasn't sure if that was a good idea. If you think you might want to buy one, email me at and let me know! If I get a pretty good response, I might just do that...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Clearance Sale!!!

I know some of you love the "Oops" Grab Bag Sample sets so I have got a bunch of those for you this round! I have one set that is devoted completely to colors that are best for cheek/lip colors; one of mostly neutrals; one that has a little bit more color (greens, grays, plum/purples); and then just a couple of a "Mixed Bag" set that has a little bit of each.

Most of these grab baggies have at least 20 samples and most of the samples have about 1/2 teaspoon in them and a select few have 1/4. Some of them will also include some discontinued LE sample sized colors (my usual 1/8 teaspoon) and there might be a couple colors from the last Grab Bag set that may be in there as extras.

I also have some "Oops" Foundation; I accidentally made an error in my measurement when making Grace 4.0 and it didn't *quite* match the previous batch but I think it might be forgiving enough that if you wear Grace, Faith, or Kindness 4.0, you might match this. One idea you can do is to purchase this with my Foundation Mixing Set so if you need it lighter, you have the tools to do it with!

New to my Clearance sale is Duo & Trio sets of discontinued LE colors from Fall 2008-Spring 2009. I had fun trying to pair colors from different collections together and some were inspired by duos/trios I have seen in makeup catalogs/online stores. They have a varying range of prices because it does mix my Regular and Premium formulas.

One thing I will ask politely is don't email me and ask if you can switch out colors as I won't be able to do that for you. :( I'm very concerned about Inventory control and don't want to have to email someone back to say I don't have the items available. They are priced just a few cents or a couple of dollars over the cost of one of my eyecolors so they can go fast, AND I have also pre-wrapped these (my bubble wrap & signature tissue paper) so I can ship these out ASAP.

In addition, I also have put up a new listing on the Accessories page: Empty five gram jars. You can get five at a time or ten at a time. The prices will run the "Sale" price until I run out of the Grab Bag Samples--I know some of you prefer to apply out of a jar so this new listing is for you!

You can click here at Clearance or you can go to my Limited Edition page and find the Clearance link there as well.

Oh, in case you are wondering, this Clearance sale has taken the place of our Blog Special this week! But I'm sure it will still be just as fun to shop! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Earlier than usual...

Thought I'd get an early start this week on the Blog Special!

From June 29 (Monday) to July 3, 12.00 p.m (Friday) ONLY we will have the following Blog Special:

For EVERY Ingenue and/or Premium Custom Trio set you buy, you get four free baggie samples!!!

So for example...

If you buy one Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush set, you'll get four samples of your choice---

If you buy two Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush sets, you'll get eight samples of your choice---

If you buy two Ingenue Custom Trio Eyeshadow Brush sets and one Premium Trio Eyeshadow Brush set, you'll get twelve samples of your choice! (You get the picture!!!)

Make sure to type in your color choices in the box near the "Add to Cart" button so we know what samples to send you. **As with our other sampling rule, no more than two of the same sample eyecolor allowed per customer.

CLICK HERE to get to the hidden listing. :)

Oh, and as an FYI, I may *not* have a Blog Special next week. If all goes well, my plan is to put up some of my inexpensive "'Grab Bag' Baggies Samples" and also some pre-selected full-sized LE eyeshadow trios/duos of colors that have been discontinued for a Clearance price--so that will actually be the special of the week if the other thing I have ordered to complement that gets here in time.

Just wanted to let you all know in case you were one of the unlucky ones that always seem to miss the "Grab Bag" sales as they usually go fast. I think last time, I sold out in about 1-2 days? So stay on alert for those either next week or the week after next!

Hope you all had a blessed weekend!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Blog Special: June 23-26

From June 23 (Tuesday) to June 26, 12:30 p.m (Friday) we will have the following Blog Special:

Orders $17.00 or more: Get one mini Spritzer bottle. This is perfect for applying your favorite hydrating facial spray, especially for traveling due to its petite size. You can also put body spray, cleansers, or whatever you can think of!

Orders $33.00 or more: The Spritzer and your choice of one eyecolor (you'll choose in the drop down menu) WITH vegan lip balm OR a single Microfiber washcloth.

Orders $50 or more: The above deals and a 10% off Coupon on your next order! We'll send you a postcard with your very own discount code (non-transferable) in your order.

Just make sure to click HERE to add the Blog Special to your cart. Choose in the drop-down menu which eyecolor you want OR if you want the Microfiber washcloth.

As a reminder for International customers, your Order total to qualify for the Blog Special does NOT include your shipping charges so please keep that in mind.


Also, don't forget to check out our new Summer '09 LE Eyecolors on our Limited Edition page along with our LE Custom Brush & Makeup Sets!

Have fun shopping!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sneak Peak: Summer 2009 LE

Before I close up for the weekend, I wanted to leave you all with a quick pic of swatches I did of the upcoming Summer LE! These colors will likely be on the website for sale by Tuesday afternoon (along with a Blog Special!) unless I have Internet issues or similar emergencies.

**Of course, these are much prettier in person--you see more of the "glow"
which my pathetic camera just does not seem to capture. :P


Auspicious: A rich metallic brownish red. A striking eyeliner and made to pair with Conscientious.
Chivalrous: A neutral beige highlight or base color.
Classy: A sheer neutral golden tan shimmer.
Clever: A plummy taupe similar to our color Romantic but less pink and has more of a wet-sheen.
Confident: Optimistic's shimmery sister--has lots pretty golden highlights!
Conscientious: A beautiful metallic pink.
Heroic: A shimmery copper brown.
Intriguing: MY FAVORITE! It's like looking a a dark chocolate fudge with mint sparkles. I love wearing with over black eyeliner. I'm sure it would look stunning as a crease/contour look if you want a rich color. The picture above does not do it justice, as with all the others, but this one in particular.
Invincible: Inspired by my favorite MAC Fluidline, Blitz and Glitz. It is a soft black with light golden shimmer. A good switch from your typical "very black" eyeliner shades for the summer since it will look much softer; it may take on a more intense look though if wet-lined.
Perceptive: A color for a sun goddess! A bronzey terracotta made to pair with Sympathetic.
Sagacious: An antiqued deep golden brown. Another favorite of mine.
Sensible: A baby doll pink with golden undertones.
Sympathetic: A peachy pink with golden undertones.

FYI, I crafted these colors around my own makeup habits for the summer. I tend to wear a little less makeup partly because I do tend to have more color (the sun is strong here in Mississippi!) and I like colors that are more of a complement--hence all the bronzey, sultry, and golden-tinged shades-- than anything noticeably colorful as you saw with my Spring LE. You'll find these colors can be multi-purpose and use them for eyes, cheeks, and lips (with an exception of Chivalrous with has trace amounts of Ultramarines which the FDA requires us to label a product as "Not Lip Safe").

Unlike my other collections, this is actually two sets--one set is from my regular formula (Classy, Clever, Intriguing, Perceptive, Sensible, & Sympathetic) and the other is made with my Premium formula (Auspicious, Chivalrous, Confident, Conscientious, Heroic, Inspiring, & Sagacious). Some colors turned out better with a certain formula and what can I say--I just got carried away formulating these as I did NOT mean to make this many ha ha!!! So there will be a price difference a la carte (i.e. if you buy only one) but if you get my famous duo sets or the whole collections sets, it will still be a pretty good savings.

**So don't forget, check these out June 23/24 and if you want anymore of the Spring 2009 LE colors, grab them this weekend as I will take them off the site around the time I put up the Summer LEs! Some of these colors will be gone for GOOD as we'll be unable to replicate them!

Have a good weekend everyone! And don't forget this is Father's Day weekend; make sure to shower the special man in your life with lots of love and attention!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

No Blog Special, BUT...a Special Article!

Believe It or Not: Words & Their Effect

When I was a child, there was a show that my family and I loved to watch called, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” where it showcased scientific marvels, interesting facts in history, and, sometimes, just fun, outrageous stories to excite and amaze its viewers. Well, I recently read an article that I thought would have fit right in with this show called, “Miraculous Messages from Water: How Water Reflects Our Consciousness.” It’s about an experiment conducted by a Japanese scientist where he tested to see the effect of words/thoughts on water. Sounding crazy already, lol? Well, read on as it gets even more interesting as he’s got pictures to prove it…

To give a VERY general overview of his experiment (*Click here to see the entire article), he has done experiments on the effect of spoken AND written words on water as well as music. I’m just going to share with you some of the pictures of what I found most interesting of the resulting images of the water crystals formed from this exposure to both negative and positive stimuli.

Before I go any further, please know that I am NOT here to debate the validity or go into the full scientific and spiritual nature of this experiment so don’t worry about sending any emails to tell me I’m wrong/nuts, lol! Although I would love for the data in this experiment to be wholly true, I would have to see the experiment in person myself to really be a believer. I just think this is interesting "food for thought" and something we can all ponder and take with us the positive message that I hope it conveys.

In this first picture, the words spoke to the water were
“You make me sick, I’m going to kill you.”

Hmmm…I think that would be a picture of how I would feel on the inside if someone were to tell me that!

The next picture had “Thank You” written on a card placed onto the bottle containing the water:

A fluke you may say? Well here is one that I found most interesting; this is a picture of water crystals before it was prayed over:

Here is the picture of the same water crystals AFTER it was prayed over:

Pretty fascinating, huh? Those are only a few photos from his experiment. (Again, click on the article above to see more and to get more of the scientific explanation as it is quite a lot of info and I’m trying to keep the info here as succinct as possible.)

So how does this relate to our Defining True Beauty blog? Well, for you customers who have shopped our products before, you know that all the eyeshadows, blushes, and foundations are named a positive trait that helps to remind us of that inner beauty we possess.

But…WOW…what if it can also have a physical effect on us and truly transform us into something more harmonious and attractive like the ice crystals above? After all, our bodies are 90% water, right? It also makes you think twice about putting on a color with a less than positive or risqué name—unless that is the attitude you are going for, lol!

I know for me, the main moral of this story is just the importance of positive and beautiful thoughts and prayers, especially those of love and gratitude (which Dr. Marumo said has the most significant effect on water). Even if all this turns out to be some scientific scam or an overly biased research project, I don’t think anyone can argue the effects on our own hearts and minds when we hear or feel things that are encouraging and optimistic. For me, I love that our foundation names are virtues like Grace or Peace; if your face is literally covered in one of those virtues, it makes a good reminder to stop yourself from saying something rash before you get angry with someone. I know for me, just naming my company “adorned with Grace” reminds me every time to extend that same blessed grace to my own customers and to treat you all with as much love and fairness as possible.

Although this isn't the usual "Blog Special" I usually post here around this time (the Blog Special will be back next week, we're taking a break from them this week) I hope you all still found it "special" and enjoyed my thoughts for the day! I hope to follow it up with more interesting and informative articles I the future!

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 9-12 Blog Special

Sorry, this is up a little later than I wanted but I'm trying to finish up my Summer LE that will be available this June 22! I'd tell you more about them but I'd prefer to keep you all in suspense...

First off, I wanted this week's special to be pretty good since I will NOT be having a special for the week of June 15 (next week). As with my special from last week, you will need to click HERE to get to it!

So from June 9 (Tuesday) to 12:30 p.m. June 12 (Friday):

Orders $14 or more get: ONE FREE Regular Eyecolor
Orders $22 or more get: TWO Free Regular Eyecolors
Orders $30 or more get: THREE Free Regular Eyec0lors

Sorry, this is only for Regular Eyecolors, not any of our Premium Colors or LE's. (We are on the verge of going Out of Stock with a couple of the LE colors so that is one of the reasons we are holding off on those.)

You must use this listing and "Add to Cart" to get the Special! You can always email us later *if* you forgot (as long as the order is within our time frame from the 9th to the 12th) BUT you must do it quickly BEFORE your order ships out or we will not be able to send them out since we do have a fairly quick turnaround shipping time. Sorry, I told you all I can be OCD when it comes to shipping out orders ! I guess that is not too bad of a trait to have as an online company though, lol.

In addition, I wanted to promote my new Ingénue Synthetic Flat Top. It is my replacement for the Kabuki I was carrying as I know most of you prefer something with a handle. On that note, I know the Premium brushes, like the Jumbo Buffer & Flat Top, may be too bulky for travel and carrying around in your purse so I really wanted to carry a short-handled flat top brush for you all. The head is a little bit smaller than our Premium Flat top and not quite as dense, but is still luxuriously soft and velvety. I've been using this brush the last three weeks and still love it!

So this will be a part of the Blog Special! For everyone that buys this brush (from June 9-12 only) you get to choose ANY three baggie samples of your choice! You just type in the three choices in the box on the same page as the Ingénue Synthetic Flat Top (I added that box specifically for this Blog Special!) So once the "Notes" box is gone so will the special!

The cool thing is if you get two Flat Tops, you'll get six samples! The only problem we might encounter is if I run Out of Stock on these brushes and it will be at least two months before I can restock. However, I ordered plenty so I will be rather shocked if that happens this week. I may run out of the LE Baggie samples (actually Honorable is now Out of Stock in the sample size), so if the Spring LEs happen to be one of your choices, list a back-up color.

Have fun all!

Monday, June 1, 2009

This week's Blog Special

As I mentioned before, the new website has all sorts of new features that I didn't have on Ecrater but it is missing the "Notes" section when you checkout so you all don't have a place to write in "Blog Special" and/or colors of products when applicable.

However, I did come up with something that I *think* will work: I added a Secret Listing entitled Blog Special where you simply "Add to Cart." The only downside is I had to add a one cent charge to it since it does not allow me to add items with a FREE price tag but I'm thinking one cent is still a pretty good deal? What is good about it is if you are borderline--like where you have $16.99 or $33.99, this penny will count toward your Blog Special total so you don't have to worry about adding a $1 item just to meet the requirements.

So our Blog Special this week is:

For orders $17.00 or more you get: One full-sized regular Blush/Shimmer Blush of your choice.
For orders $34.00 or more you get: The above blush deal AND one Microfiber Washcloth.
**As always, your Shipping Charges do NOT count toward your total.

I decided on these items as my site tells me what items are getting a lot of "hits" so I'm trying to choose those items that seemed rather popular over the weekend. This won't ALWAYS be the case so don't try to sway my vote for future Blog Specials (LOL!!!) by continuously clicking on a certain item, since I usually go with my intuition but hopefully this will be a good special for some of you!

As a little advertisement for the Microfiber Washcloth, I did not start carrying this item due to customer request--it just happens to be one of those products I absolutely LOVE and wanted to pass on to my customers. I mainly wash my face using the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) but like to use the Microfiber for extra exfoliation to help with fine lines and blemishes. I have bought other brands but this particular one has been my favorite!

This Blog Special listing will be up from June 1 (Monday) to June 4 (Thursday) and once the listing is gone so will the special. The only way you can get to it is by clicking HERE! I'm doing this specifically as a special treat to those that follow my blog--since you all are very special to me! (FYI, I do hope to post more health and inner beauty articles in the near future for you all to read and hopefully benefit from, but I've had so much on my plate with the new site it's hard to sit down and write one and have it edited and perfect for me to post.)

Have a great Monday everyone! Enjoy the special...

Monday, May 25, 2009

New website!

Before you get click happy and rush over to the new site, I do want to give you the "heads up" that this is not anything super fancy or loaded with all sorts of high-tech features, so forgive me ahead of time if it is not what you're hoping for. ;) I am not a professional by any means!I used a website builder and a basic template although I pretty much had to organize everything myself and figure out the tables (like in the "Shop By Color" page).

Yes, the colors are a bit tame (maybe even plain & boring, LOL!) and the layout is super basic but I had to create a website that reflected my love for simplicity and that understated elegance that I think adorned with Grace stands for.

I am also limited in what kind of features I can have. For example, I can't add Customer Reviews to each product OR more than three drop down menus per item OR have a "Notes" section at the end of checkout much like Erater had so this will kind of affect my Blog Special method. I'll think of something so don't anyone worry about the Blog Special issue, we'll still have them every 1-2 weeks!

BUT, the things I am excited about is the drop down menus I do have so for some of the smaller Custom Kits there will be a lot less typing! The checkout is always much less confusing in that you see exactly where to input your information for credit card orders. I can't tell you how many people emailed me, some angry, asking why I didn't take credit cards! (Although I do, you just have to do it through Pay Pal, but I am not allowed to add Text with directions on that; I just have to trust you read my FAQ section.)

Overall, I am glad that I can finally organize the site like I want it! I have the colors alphabetically and the brushes more in order of price (from least expensive to most). I can add tutorials and articles to help answer questions a little better. It is just more organized and easy to deal with, at least I think so!

I did stock the brushes fairly well BUT I never know how fast they will go especially when I am blogged or YT'd about so just bear with me in case I do run out of stock. You'll see old favorites like the Premium & Ingenue brushes BUT with a handful of ones not available before like the Large Pointed Face Brush & Multitasking which will be on sale until this current set goes out of stock.

I've also added the blog brushes and a new short-handled Synthetic Flat Top that is also on sale. I have what I think is a lot of the new Flat Top but once it sells out, it may not be available again for another 6-8 weeks, FYI. If you found our Premium Buffer and/or Flat Top nice but its handle too bulky and price too expensive, you might just LOVE this one! The head is about 2/3 the size of the Premium Flat top, fyi, but just as velvety soft!

So as far as Blog Special? Well, I won't have anything *too* spectacular, lol, since this is the first week and I want to make sure I have a handle on the system before I process loads of orders. But I will include my Eco friendly Interchangeable Eyeshadow Brush feature in my Earth Day special with each order of my 3 for $12.49 Eyecolor Set. Just type in Blog Special in the box that says "Special Notes" underneath the three drop down menus on that same page and I'll be sure to include it. I was going to add it to the site, but thought it would be much easier giving it away again, Lol! It really is more of a giveaway brush than a "buying" brush. This is good, though, only until supplies last so once that empty box disappears, it will be gone for good.

Well, you can now click on and go see! Be sure if you are pretty new to adorned with Grace to read out FAQ & Shipping/Terms sections so you know what to expect!

Thanks all!

Friday, May 22, 2009

About the upcoming website switch

Hey, all! As I have mentioned, this Monday, May 25 (Memorial Day) I will be posting the link to my new website here! I really cannot wait as it will be much more functional and I think will be less confusing as far as Checkout AND there will be quite a few new brushes and accessories to choose from!

I plan on redirecting it sometime this weekend so if you type in the link, it may take you there earlier (like on Sunday) if it does not take as long as I think it will. (Last time I did this it took about 2-3 days to transfer.)

I've take a few orders there but I'm not 100% sure if *every* bug has been taken care of; hopefully, the changeover will be smooth. As mentioned, I will be closing the Erater site next Friday, May 29 because it will be too much work trying to keep up with inventory (as those brushes fly fast at times!) and managing all the different items. Even with the few orders I am processing from the new site, I find myself getting confused, LOL! Remember, I like to keep things as simple as possible!

I do need to correct myself by saying that I will actually be putting the Ecrater site "On Hold" so you'll still see the store--you just won't be able to order as the "Buy Now" buttons will be inactive-- and on ultra-popular items like the Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber and a couple of the other brushes, I'll post the new link in the product text so people can still find it. I also want to keep it *just in case* my new site has issues and I can use it as a backup website.

Oh, and I do feel like to need to also comment that these last two weeks have been fairly busy since the reappearance of the beloved Ingenue Dual Fiber, and when things are busy, I get a lot of "dummy orders" meaning orders that register but don't have a payment confirmation? When things are a slower pace, I usually have time to email the person to ask if they want it; about 90% of the time they do not respond, but I like to check for those 10% that do as it is usually due to their computer freezing up OR thinking they cannot pay with a credit card (you can but this confusion is one of the reasons I have to get off of Ecrater!) OR did it accidentally in hopes to see what the shipping cost is.

However, I have not had time to email the customers with unpaid orders as there are MORE than I can handle to email everyone individually so if you hear of anyone complaining that they ordered but have not received any communication from me, that is why. I haven't had time to even delete them from the system, lol!

Just had to comment on that though as it is something that is a concern for me because, except on weekends, I am a bit OCD on getting out orders out whose payments have posted shipped out within 24-48 hours and I almost feel like I'm giving bad CS not getting back on the dummy orders although I imagine that same 90% didn't want it in the first place.

Well, everyone have a great weekend! Next time you "see" me, it will be at the unveiling of the new site! So just remember if you want to advertise for our company, make sure you post it as

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All about the Blush

Okay, now that I have sold a ton of these dual fiber brushes, you all need something to try them out with, lol! So I catered these specials this week for Blushes!

My main Blog Special this week is:

Get two full-sized Blushes or Shimmer Blushes and GET ONE FREE! When you type in your two choices in the "Notes" section, just add on your third choice. So if you get our "2 for $13.49 Set" you'll get one extra or if you get our "4 for $22.99 Set" you'll get TWO FREE!

Now this next one is a "While Supplies Last" deal:

For orders $10 or more (remember this does NOT include your Shipping Charges!!!), you will get sample-sized baggies of these three Test Blushes:

*Colors are more pigmented in person. Much more beautiful in person!

Although I do have quite a collection of blushes already, I found myself "craving" some bright, vibrant, rosy shimmery blushes to wear for this coming Summer. I totally love these colors especially with my own golden olive skintone, but I just want to makes sure these aren't too crazy or unnatural looking to release as part of my permanent collection so I am letting you all try these out to test and give me feedback ( if you like them. If they aren't too popular but some of you decide you want full sizes, I can release them as LE Blushes.

FYI, Test Blush #1 is like a pearly, cool fuschia tone--imagine a love child of Zealous & Sassy! Test Blush #2 is a vibrant peachy shimmer. It is kind of similar to Passionate but I think this is a little brighter with not quite as much of a brown undertone. Since it is so close to Passionate (one of my faves), this might be more of an LE Blush. Test Blush #3 is my favorite of the three. It is kind of like Affectionate & Radiant but much brighter and pinker. I think all these will be winners for this summer when most of us darken up a little and are looking for something to complement your tan.

For both Blog Specials, simply type in "BLOG SPECIAL" in the notes section--and of course your third blush choice along with your two other blushes. I will try to post here when I've run out of the Test Blush samples but sometimes things go Out of Stock while I am away from the Internet and/or sleeping so if you put in a $10 order just to get the free samples, you can also write me a note to Refund the order should they run Out of Stock.

The "3 for 2 Blush Blog Special" runs out this Friday, May 22 at exactly 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time and the Test Blush Blog Special runs out this Sunday, May 24 OR when they go Out of Stock, whichever comes first.

Further notes: My new website link will be posted here this Monday, May 25 unless there is some unforeseen problem that comes up. You may notice that some of the brushes and accessories my go "Out of Stock" on my Ecrater site but they will be available again on my new site May 25. I'm just trying to organize my inventory and stay ahead of the game.

When you start shopping on the new site next week, you'll notice that I did have to increase the price on a few of the Ingenue brushes (eyeshadow brushes only, NOT the dual fibers!) for the simple reason that I have been getting a lot of orders (about 50-60% of orders) for only one brush and realized I was actually LOSING money selling them at their previous price since I do free shipping for my US/Canadian customers and fairly cheap shipping for Internationals as I did not count my PayPal fees (.30 per transaction + 3%) nor my packaging/cards when I came up with my prices.

HOWEVER, I will actually have Custom Sets for both the Ingenue and Premium eyeshadow line for those that want more than one brush that I think you all will love and find a great value! Even still, the prices for the Ingenue eyeshadow brushes are will not be over $4.99, fyi.

Thank you all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just preparing....

I am almost finished getting the new brushes stocked (still waiting on one more!) but I still wanted to get a tentative headcount on *how much* I need to be prepared. I know some of you may not have been quick enough to see the two Blog Brushes (BUT really wanted one!), and I just wanted to make sure I kept those well-stocked before I opened up the website officially so no one had to wait around as they did this last time with the Ingenue Petite Dual fiber.

So if you are planning an order for when the new website opens, please do take the time to participate in my most recent poll! Just look over to the right side of the page between "About Me" & "Blog Archive" and place your vote if applicable!

I can't guarantee this will ensure the brushes are well-stocked as one high-profile YouTuber/Blogger can literally wipe out my entire stock with their review (thanks to you all who do that, lol!) but I can at least add on if I have underestimated for the Grand Opening.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Petite Dual Fibers back in stock FINALLY!

Yes, you heard right! They are finally back in stock so check out their listings for the single for $6.29 & "2 for $11.25" set...

I have also added my Earth Day Eco-friendly travel brush with the interchangeable tips for sale for $3.99. Once I run out of stock on these I don't plan on restocking them since these were bought just for the Earth Day occasion. I'm checking out other ecofriendly brush lines before I decide on a set to add permanently.

The Ingenue Synthetic Kabuki will also not be restocked once I run out so if you've been eying one of these, now may be the time to get one. There is nothing wrong in particular with this brush (on contrary, it is actually one of my favorite kabukis ever as it is super soft and I like the size, although it does have some shedding initially but goes away with a few washes) but I am finding most of my customers prefer a long handled kabuki/buffer so I'll switch to that style once I run out of these.

*EDIT: THE DISCOUNTED $11.59 BLOG BRUSH #2 OFFICIALLY GONE! It will not be back until the Grand Opening of our new website which I'm tentatively setting for Monday, May 25 at its regular price of $13.59. Many, many of you have been asking for this as I know our Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber is really best for precise blush application and maybe stippling areas around the nose or eyes for foundation. I tried out quite a few 187 dupes and this seems to be the closest one. See these pics for reference:

This is a comparison pic between my new dual fiber and a MAC 187. The one on the left is the dupe and the right is the 187. I find that the bristles are comparable in density, size, and softness although I will confess the 187's white hairs are a tad bit softer/finer if I were to be extremely discriminating although I don't think it is a noticeable difference. The black bristles on the dupe are stiff enough to do the famous stippling technique for foundation which was the main reason I "flunked" the other dupes I considered selling.

*Our new 187 dupe is cruelty-free but NOT 100% synthetic for those who were wondering.

You can also see from the photo above that the dupe has a longer handle but the actual brush head is pretty similar. The ferrule is also black but other than that, I think it makes for a pretty decent dupe especially since the MAC is $42 and I plan on selling this one for $13.59 (S/H included for my US & Canadian customers!) once my new website is open to the public.

On that note, because of the less expensive price don't expect a perfect copy of the 187 brush. The dupe does shed a little bit initially but for almost 1/4-1/3 the price, I think it is actually a pretty great deal especially if you have a hard time shelling out over $40 for a MAC brush. But I wanted to offer a brush that was economically priced and of good quality to my customers.***Once again, the discounted BLOG BRUSH #2 is officially gone! It will be back at the Grand Opening of our new website (tentatively Monday, May 25) and will sell for $13.59. (S/H included for Canadian & U.S. Customers)

As far as my Blog Special, you will get both Exuberant & Playful, two LE colors from my Summer 2008 when you order our Spring LE 10 Eyecolor Set for $24.99.

This Blog Special will actually be in effect as long as I have my entire set of Spring 2009 LE colors in stock. So once you see the listing off the website, this Blog Special will be gone as well. These were actually colors I wanted to include with my Spring colors but didn't since I don't like to repeat colors similar to ones I've already made I just left them off.

As with all my other Blog Specials, just type in "BLOG SPECIAL" in the notes section if you want the colors. If you don't put it there, I will assume you don't want them.

Well, I think that is it! Thanks again for your patience everyone on the dual fiber brushes!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Still waiting...

I don't think the Ingenue brushes will be in this week either. :(

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that they will be in by next week. ***EDIT: I got my Shipping Notice and the brushes should be back on my website by Monday night, May 11 or Tuesday morning, May 12! So in my optimistic hopes of that, I will likely not run a Blog Special again this week as I have a feeling most of you are waiting until the dual fibers are back in as well as the special "Blog Brush" (a different one from last time) and there are a couple other things I'm hoping to add into that mix so I'd like to have all these running at the same time so you all can just order all at once!

The delay with the dual fiber will likely also delay opening my new website since I don't want to leave Ecrater until I get this first big set of brushes out since those who are waiting for them to arrive are waiting for them at my Ecrater site. So maybe late May or even early June, depending on when the dual fibers get shipped, is when I'll have the new site ready for you all to order.

So while we all wait, this will give me more time to write up more beauty-related articles as I've had some topics I've wanted to share that came up last week so maybe in the next few days or so I'll have one for you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Kinda' bad news.... :(

I know many of you have been waiting for the Ingenue Petite Dual Fiber to go back in stock this week but I just got off the phone with my supplier and they apparently don't have them ready to ship to me yet until next week, which means it may not be on my site until two weeks or so from today.


Yes, I am pretty disappointed as well as I was REALLY hoping to have these ready to go for you all this week along with another "Blog Special" brush that has been highly requested but that will have to be put off until I can get these brushes in hand. So no, there won't be a Blog Special this week...

But to take your mind off the BAD NEWS, let me at least share some good news with you all: I will be moving from Ecrater to my very own website (hopefully--please no more delays, LOL!) in mid to late May! Once I move over there, I will actually be adding a whole slew of new Ingenue & Premium eyeshadow brushes which I can't wait to share with you all!

FYI, this site has been my "little project" I've been working on the last couple of months. I have a basic template, but I've designed & organized the whole thing myself. It is very simple as I am not a professional web designer by any means, lol, but I think it is functional and finally fits with the personality of my company. The only thing I need now is to add the payment processing which I ran into a glitch with PayPal this afternoon so if there are any delays, it will be due to that.

I've loved being on Ecrater but I kind of get the idea awG is not taken quite as seriously there since it's not like having your own site, and I also feel like my company's personality does not reflect well on Ecrater since I am extremely limited in the amount of text/photos I can put on the site. I also find it hard to keep my products organized like I want and this allows me to add features that Ecrater does not let me do such as "Shop By Color" with my blushes and eyecolors.

One favor I would like to ask: Please make sure people are directed to NOT when you all are helping me advertise awG in your blogs, forums/forum posts, YouTube videos, etc.

Right now I have directing you to the Ecrater site automatically but after a while, I may be closing down Ecrater after a few weeks of successfully launching the new site since it will be difficult to do inventory control trying to keep up with two sites, so if people are still using the Ecrater address, they might find a "Seller Not Available" message. I will still have but it will be for my real website.

Once I get the payment processing added and get the new Ingenue & Premium brushes in my hands (they aren't set to deliver for another 2-3 weeks as well, more supplier delays---ahhh!) and the website has been tested out successfully by some close friends, I'll be opening this up before May is over.

Anyway, I apologize again for the inconvenience on the wait, but this is one of those things that is out of my control and am at the mercy of what I am told by my supplier. I hope the wait will be worth it though once it is finally here! Thanks all!